Change Notes

version type module change
2.15 build 1234 - 05.10.2018
fixtuneinrework of favourite support. make sure to install build 13617.
2.14 - 14.12.2016
fixweatheradaption to protocol change since V2.14 build 12486 of May-2017.
fixwebcamtouchpad restart when using commands to move camera up or down.
fixsystemall trivum devices that started while no DHCP or network was available showed a MAC address 00:00:00:... in ServerAdmin tool or control unit lists, permanently until restart, even if DHCP was available later. this caused touchpads to ignore server side configuration.
addknxsupport for GA up to 31/7/255.
2.13 - 18.07.2016
chgsystemproduction release V2.13.
2.12 - 31.05.2016
fixcontrolwrong display of side actions if many actions are defined. list jumps to top with wrong selection of actions.
fixknxcannot enter temperature offset "0.5".
fixsystemno ip address at random, with dhcp, after restart esp. after software update.
2.11 - 26.04.2016
addcontrolconfigurable default time to change back to default mode, by default 60 seconds.
chgsystemproduction release 2.11.
fixweathernew weather service '' added. Old service was no longer available.
2.10 - 14.04.2016
fixtuneinno cover art display.
fixsystemno set DHCP option in serveradmin tool.
fixconfigrestore of backup: large backups may have failed.
fixalarmalarm play with zone group: volume change showed broken screen.
addconfigrestore of backup: option to upload only knx objects.
fixknxclimate, fancoil: negative temperature support.
chgconfignow also displaying generated serial from mac.
chgconfigimproved backup default filename.
fixknxcrash of webcam on receive.
CHGsystemv8 touchpads now only send v8 hello messages via multicast address

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