Change Notes

version type module change
2.64 build 14261 - 24.06.19
chga13webcam fullscreen easier close.
fixguiimproved handling of sliders.
fixwebcamno longer centers image, and no fullscreen if command address is configured.
adda13webcam fullscreen display option in landscape mode.
docconfigmore translations.
2.63 - 14.06.19
chgwebcamcentered image display.
fixknxrgb control with no brightness: slider mode did not work, no visual update of detail editor on incoming values.
fixguiediting of group: done button was missing with mcenter V9.44.
fixwebconfigwrong uptime info after many days.
fixwebconfigpage editor drag+drop with mac.
chgwebconfigstyle rework.
2.62 - 12.02.19
chgwebcambetter error message if unsupported digest authorization is detected.
fixconfigthe 'show current screen" does now also shows the content of the screen when a webbrowser is active. It also is now possible to control the web browser remotely. However you have to click Refresh at the right top to see the actual changed browser content.
2.61 - 19.12.18
fixguiknx navigation objects which were defined with V8 software no longer showed an icon.
addknxtemperature and climate status can now optionally use the globally defined refresh interval.
FIXA13improved touch sensitivity, since V2.61 build 13737 (FW 304).
fixknxtimer with 8-bit value sending: it was not possible to enter value 1.
FIXsystemmissing auto adjust to music server ip change. after change in mcenter ip the touchpad showed endless "no connection" until unlinked and then relinked.
fixsystempossible loss of network connectivity, if cable was disconnected while keeping power, until reboot. normally this can happen only when using power injectors combined with a restart of the network switch. only with a13/14, but not arm9 touchpads.
2.60 - 28.11.18
addknxfancoil now supports change of setpoint temperature without detail editor if the button is configured large enough.
fixknxnavigation object: did not show selected icon if not connected with a musiccenter.
adduipages can now be protected by PINs. The configuration is done per page in the page editor: Use 'setup' below each of the page preview areas to see the new feature.
2.59 - 02.11.18
chguioption "Use splitted select/scroll area" now supports lines with buttons, like long zone selection lists.
fixuicrash with some configurations on activation of a menu.
fixtimernot editable at touchpad screen.
adduioption "Use splitted select/scroll area in listings" to select only in left halve, while scrolling safely in the right halve of listings.
chgmacroimproved error message if no macro selected.
chguiConfigreorganized the structure of the configuration menus and added new icons.
chguiConfigthe help has now become a blue icon in the top right area.
chguiConfignew support area with all helpful information.
chguiConfignew Readme area with all available documentation.
2.58 - 27.09.2018
fixclimatesetpoint wording.
fixknxcorrections in display and stepping of negative temperatures.
chgknxoption for long GA names, on newer touchpads (not ARM9).
chguiConfigoptimized display of long knx GA names.
2.57 - 20.09.2018
fixknxwrong encoding of negative temperature values.
fixguiunexpected 'Warnings for this TouchPad' directly after cold restart, without further infos when touching that menu point. reason was that no NTP time was received temporarily.
fixconfigwarnings showed "cannot determine hardware".
fixuibuttons are no longer drawn too far right. So the small lines which are sometimes visible on the left side if the TouchPad are no longer visible.
addconfigadded option to change icon colors to a custom color in the automation page setup.
addconfigadded the display brightness settings also to the web setup. So far the brightness was just available on touchpad setup itself.
addconfigadded option in display settings for advanced button styles on/off. If not activated, then many color and style settings are not shown in the e.g. button setting pages.
adduiadded new style for automation buttons: transparent and flat with border.
adduieach automation button can now set its own text color
adduieach automation button can now select the button style
adduinew default system settings for automation buttons text color
adduiautomation pages can now have a different background color than black
chgsystemerrors (like network error or NTP server error) are now indicated in web setup with a red alert icon. The errors/warnings are also shown in the "about touchpad" menu section on the touchpad itsself
fixwebcontrolmacro triggers did not show a userdefined icon. Now the correct icon is displayed in webcontrol
addui7 inch only: added a new nice clock 'minimal clock'
addcontrolnew image object for automation screen, to add custom image to automation pages
adduiadded a new nice clock 'flip clock'
adduiadded the option to display a custom image instead of a clock. The image can be uploaded.
addcontrolnew text object for automation screen: add text to automation pages with variable font,color,position,alignment
addcontrolnew actionlist object for automation screen: add actionlist (mcenter actions) to automation pages
adduinew option in touchpad display settings: show clock instead of coverart. When enabled, the coverart is replaced by a clock after some time.
2.56 - 21.07.2018
fixsystempairing with an audio systems not possible if they were offline temporarily.
fixguiartist/album/track info lines were empty.
addwebcamnow supports further cameras with image frame data up to 500 kbytes.
fixsystemwebcam and weather continued background access after remove, until restart.
chguiConfigThe navigation button setup now uses selection submenus for page and icon selection
addwebcamwebcam does now support up to 4 action buttons in detailsview (for e.g. door open or music mute or paging)
fixguiwebcam does now show preset1-preset3 from motoriszed webcams as commandbuttons in detailsview
fixguiwebcam does not have a better detailsview screen with more options and now looks nice
fixsystemlinking with C4 was not possible, C4 systems did not appear in device list.
fixwebcamrestart of touchpad when removing object.
chgsystemwith configured password a change of diverse settings by xml is no longer allowed if not authorized.
adduitranslations of all supported languages.
adduiConfigoption to upload and use a custom translation file for testing.
adduiConfigadvanced drag&drop support for editor
adduiConfigWYSIWIG mode for buttons in Editor
chguibuttons graphics are now more consistent
chguitext display on buttons are more accurate
2.55 - 20.06.2018
fixweathernow the min/max for today is correct.
chgweatherthe forecast now shows weekday names instead of the date.
chgguiimproved button design for automation/knx screen
fixshuttercurtain model v2: short press always sent 1 no matter on which side. now short press on right side sends 0.
addconfigoption to disable settings menu.
chgconfigIcon "software update" is now in "system" area (like MusicCenter setup)
2.54 - 17.05.2018
fixuialarm time display with wide action list.
fixuidisplay of b/w radio covers with transparency.
adduiaction list width can now also be changed directly by the touchpad gui.
chgknxmax number of scenes is now 16.
addconfigoption to change the action list width. available only in landscape orientation.
2.53 - 25.04.2018
addknxtimer configuration now has a button to send the value immediately.
chgsystemwhen selecting restart the touchpad is now fully rebooted, allowing to fully change the network mode between static ip and dhcp.
2.52 - 28.02.2018
fixwebcamdisplay size was not changeable esp. on 7 inch touchpad.
fixuiConfigdefect backup files with lines like: PW = ""PW = ""PW =... are now corrected on import automatically.
fixsystempartially damaged configuration backup files, after every line with password = "", since V9.22. in most cases the configuration can still be used for restore. to fix those files add a linefeed at the end of each password = "" line, or update to V9.27 which can auto correct this.
2.51 - 24.01.2018
fixwebcamtouchpad restart when using commands to move camera up or down.
fixgui7" touchpad in portrait mode with paging displayed paging message endless until manual change.
addguifunction "run touchpad demo" is now shown in touchpad setup if demo was downloaded.
fixknxvaluedisplay with temperature: wrong display of negative temperatures.
addconfiglocal daily auto restart option.
fix7inchdisplay dimm to complete dark did not work. it may require two updates until the correction is fully applied.
chgknxshutter control: without popup dialogue, short press on down/up now sends to short action GA, while long press sends to long action GA. i.e. long press actually moves the shutter, while short press stops or steps it. behaviour is now the same from tp screen and web control.
2.50 - 07.11.2017
addguifirst 7" landscape demo for download. in the web configuration, select: basic setup / special features / download demo, and after download: play demo
fixconfigimage of current screen returned too many bytes. now it will load faster.
fixguimissing coverart display in search lists with 4 inch touchpads.
2.49 - 19.10.2017
docguimore german translations.
fixwebcontroltwo webcontrols from same IP are now blocked and no longer perform endless requests with high load.
fixfancoildisplay of setpoint temperature.
fixfancoilsizes other than small long: missing display of room temperature.
chgwebcontrolswitch buttons that just send 0 or 1 no longer display an on/off status, to make them look the same as on the Touchpad screen.
fixwebcontrollight switch missing display of configured icons.
fixwebcontrollight switch mode "send 0" or "send 1" did not work, but it always toggled.
fixshuttericon with curtain model 2 was displayed too large.
fixshuttermissing icon: curtain_thick
addshuttericon selection list is now sorted alphabetically.
fixshuttermissing BayWindow icon.
fixconfigunwanted double slashes in translated help text.
fixknxshutter detail view position down/up did not work. shutter detail view angle up did not work.
fixknxshutter did not work well with long pressed actions
fixguinextpage/prevpage in knxscreen ignored some touch events.
fixguimessage box has now a white border when style is "plain"
fixconfigdefault mode was not changeable if knx was disabled.
fixknxwebcam doorbell did not switch to knx.
2.48 - 24.07.2017
fixguiselection of long phrases like a long album name showed a mixed, overlayed menu header.
fixcontrolnow the touchpad 7 updates every 500ms the volume while volumeslider is pressed.
fixguinow the select menus (like alarm duration menu) highlight the current selected value again.
fixguitouch while scrolling: a single touch in a scrolling list did an unwanted row selection.
fixguichanged volume +/- handling for TouchPad 4.3". It is now smoother and faster.
fixguistream position display was wrong after change to and from the knx screen.
addconfigknx import of backup now also supports Areas.
chgknxfancoil support extended. Now it supports auto/cool/heat/fan/dry and 2 additional controlmodes.
2.47 - 27.06.2017
fixguiknx next page selection didn't work if volume knob was at zero.
fixguiscrolling through the lists does now show the coverarts again
fixguiwrong coverart with Qobuz.
chgguifull rework of group volume handling. there is no longer a mode selection between zones or global group volume, the group volume is always changed at the bottom. many bug fixes and much improved gui responsiveness. touchpad V2.47 requires MusicCenter V9.15.
fixsystemsometimes the display dimming did not work as expected. Fixed seldom internal dayminute format problem.
addguiadded advanced touchpad setup options and added "run display refresh" because of burning in of motionless images/text
chgguiminor changes how to show waiting/progress bar
chgguiAudioApp can now have the "big portrait" button size
chgguiAudioApp in knxscreen has now a new layout which is more consistent
chgguigroupvolume sliderpage has now the same look&feel as the webtouch version - more consistent and more beautiful
fixguithe actionList on the right does now only process of touched without moved
fixguisometimes the actionList on the right selected the wrong action
fixguiin tuner and touchpad 7" the shadow below the tuner station display does no longer show stripes.
fixguiin tuner and touchpad 7" the frequencies in the tuner display sometimes were cut off. Now the while frequency (e.g. 102) is visible
chgsystemchanged tracing to have the same headers&infos as mcenter has
fixguigroup volume handling sometimes fired underlaying buttons. The event handling has been changed to stop this.
addguiGroupEdit now displays the role of the room within the group and what will happen if added/removed from/to group.
chgguigroup volume handling changed. Now the volumechange is smoother and more precise. Needs at least musicCenter software V9.13
2.46 - 12.05.2017
fixsystemcreate snapshot deleted translation files.
fixsystemmissing function "reset all configuration data to factory defaults".
fixweatherdid no longer work due to api changes at weather service.
fixupdatedisplay of start update status.
fixsystemnetwork setup: when changing to static ip and then back to DHCP without restart a wrong name server entry could have been active.
FIXwebcammemory leak since V2.44 build 12358, about 2 mb per webcam and hour.
addsystemall touchpads (not just 7 inch) now restart automatically if low memory is detected.
fixconfiguploading a config file no longer produces a broken screen with error message.
fix7inchno coverart with deezer. code. Now part of mcenter
chgconfigrework of file import: knx ets
chgconfigrework of file import: config restore
fixuion TouchPad 7" in portraitmode and C4 systems, the buttons are now smaller and the current play information are no longer hidden under the buttons.
chgconfigIt is now possible to bind/unbind a touchpad with websetup (setup multiroom menu)
fixsystemfixed NTP bug. Did not get a valid NTP time because of missing NTP server address
chgconfigchanged time setup page
2.45 - 07.04.2016
addconfigsupport for icon color strings yellow, cyan.
fixconfigsystem wide active icon color defaulted to black.
adduiadded support for browser buttons - in addition to still existing "3rd party automation support" via builtin web browser and activation using "ModeSwitch" button.
addconfigadded advanced option/special command to hide touchpad settings menu(s).
fixknxsimple macros do now work.
addconfigoptional password protection.
fixa13improved memory timing.
2.44 - 24.03.2017
addknxwebcam: instant full display on doorbell.
adduioption to run a touch sensor test.
adduioption to run a memory test.
fixconfigselecting restart did not reboot.
fixuizonelist with many zones did not show zones at the bottom, esp. with large groups.
fixsystemmacros did not work.
2.43 - 08.03.2017
fixguimissing update of time display with standalone touchpads (no controller connection).
fixsystemdevice sometimes not visible in serveradmin tool after getting a delayed dhcp address.
adduiConfigwarning if network interface is limited by an inactive default gateway.
fixsystemARM9 touchpads only: static ip setup caused limited communication of touchpad with network, e.g. block of software update, no weather data, no icons with webradio and some audio services. to update such touchpads use DHCP temporarily. occured since build 11666 of 30.06.2016.
2.42 - 27.01.2017
addknxclimate object: comfort temperature lower and higher limit with default 5 and 40.
addguinavigation control: option to use no icon, with optimized text rendering in sizes 1x1 and 2x1. allows to be used as a static text display if target page is the same page.
fixsystemall trivum devices that started while no DHCP or network was available showed a MAC address 00:00:00:... in ServerAdmin tool or control unit lists, permanently until restart, even if DHCP was available later. this caused touchpads to ignore server side configuration.
fixconfigshow current screen: failed with Safari browser due to missing http headers.
addsystemoption for remote support of newer touchpads (not with ARM9 touchpads).
addsystemsupport for Australian time zones.
fixknxleft arrow button did not work with +/- volume.
fixknxdimmer object wrong display with small sizes.
fixconfigrestart/reboot after changing between DHCP and static IP did not work.
addknxsame live group address list as with music server.
addknxsame text-only knx log as with music server.
chgsystemsupport for new update channels.
2.41 - 28.10.2016
chgconfig4" touchpad: no longer showing +/- volume option as this always uses +/- buttons.
fixknxshutter non centered icons.
fixknxnon centered icons especially with large buttons.
fixsystemendless restart with "low memory web" message in some cases, until cold restart.
chgconfigsome serialnumbers of trivum hardware were shown in the wrong format
fixsystemsome trivum products had sometimes wrong descriptions when shown in the configuration/bind screen
chgknxlist of used knx addresses now uses colors
fixknxrefresh period only worked when refresh on startup was selected
fixknxknx display: selection of content when tuner/other was not possible.
addknxshutter types curtain v2 with support for two long press GA and different touch mode.
addconfig7" touchpad browser resolution info, displays 1024x536 (landscape) or 600x960 (portrait).
fixknxshutter: wrong icon display with small size with types like shutter up, or curtain open.
addconfigon "show current screen" users can now simulate a touch with a mouse click. This helps to test the TouchPad from remote
fixknxadded missing 'show used knx objects' in the knx setup
fixknxKNX multicast address can now also be 239.x.x.x and not only 224.x.x.x. Actually if it starts with 224, it should be Otherwise we show a warning to use 239.x.x.x instead of 224.x.x.x.
fixknxKNX router search did not work when the multicast address is different to Internally we now always use for SEARCH_REQUEST because all IP routers listen to for SEARCH_REQEUST. For listening to SEARCH_RESULT we use the configured multicast address.
chgknxWe now show the time of the last SEARCH_RESULT message for each found IP router.
addknxWe now show the last few sent and received KNX telegrams with groupaddress, IP and time
2.40 - 04.08.2016
fixknxvalueDisplay without a mapping table did not display value.
chgknxlight switches without defined GA to set on/off are now shown as "incomplete".
fixknxtouchpad mode "mainly used to control knx" was reset on every restart.
fix7inchaccidential v8 downgrade is now blocked.
fixsystemmissing startup messages with SW version and IP.
fix7inchbrightness could not be set to completely dark.
chgguiwhen pressing the alarm info area on the home/off-screen, the touchpad now shows directly the alarm setup menu
chgupdatefaster software update esp. with ARM9 touchpads.
fixguino change in stream position display during fast forward/backward.
fixguikeyboard does not support special characters because we now handle UTF8
fixknxfan coil and climate: cannot change temperature offset, fan speed values.
fixknxcannot enter temperature offset "0.5".
fixconfigmissing expert mode setting.
fixknxrgb acutator config: could not change type.
fixcontrolabout this touchpad: wrong update channel info.
fix7inchwrong update channel selected.
fixcontrolcrash on zone selection with analogue input active.
chgconfignow always using UTF8, option removed
fixconfiggerman umlauts display.
addcontrolconfigurable default time to change back to default mode, by default 60 seconds.
fixcontrolno automatic change from knx to audio screen.
fixweatheryahoo weather does no longer work. We now use which is a paid service. It includes 3 (4.3") or 5 (7") forecast days
2.37 - 14.04.2016
fixsystemno set DHCP option in serveradmin tool.
fixknxnewly created objects did not send anything to knx bus until restart of touchpad.
chgsystemnew internal xml interface, strictly requires mcenter V9.02.
addconfigmissing knx object configuration options.

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