Change Notes

version type module change
8.79 build 1234 - 02.10.2018
chgsystemautomatic restart on socket overflow detection after 30 minutes.
fixtuneinrework of favourite support. old device based favourites are lost, but new ones can be created. connected touchpads need to be updated to V2.15 otherwise favourites can be listed only by web visu. tunein account linking is available with V9 only.
8.78 - 12.07.2018
fixknxvolume change: unmute of unrelated zones.
addconfiglink to V9 upgrade informations.
fixtuneinno menu as long as no presets are defined.
8.77 - 18.12.2017
fixaudio boxline input autosense did not work. fix is available with 8.77 build 13011.
fixsystemtakeover of audio bug fixes from V9.
8.76 - 28.02.2017
fixC4AirPlay inputs not visible even after switching the zone off. While web radio plays it can happen that AirPlay inputs are not visible if the customer network multicast is limited. But as soon as the zone is switched off they will now appear.
fixactuator4line input volume adjust did not work.
fixinstreamercrash of uiConfig when adding many instreamers.
adduiConfigsupport for nightly build channel.
fixgroupchanging a group switched all zones off if any airplay was running in any zone. now zones which are not grouped at all, and which will not be included in the group change, are no longer switched off.
8.75 - 15.12.2016
fixsystemall trivum devices that started while no DHCP or network was available showed a MAC address 00:00:00:... in ServerAdmin tool or control unit lists, permanently until restart, even if DHCP was available later. this caused touchpads to ignore server side configuration.
fixSCsometimes 15 minutes wait time after selecting restart.
fixtuneron all installer line systems with one tuner, but multiple zones using that tuner, switch to a recently used FM Preset did not work if the tuner was used before in a different zone.
addknxsupport for group addresses up to 31/7/255.
fixsystemsometimes crash on startup in Card::isNotInserted on installer line devices.
fixtunerfm tuner seek not possible with installer line.
fixCL141group play did not work.
fixuiWebblank screen with iOS 9.3.5.
fixairplayinput names only showed "input n" with most systems.
fixsystemupgrade to V9: missing auto update of Touchpads when running update from ServerAdmin tool.
chguiConfigreduced warnings on lost network packages.
8.74 - 18.07.2016
chgsystemproduction release 8.74.
8.73 - 08.07.2016
chgsystemalert 4000 "voltage too low" corrected to "voltage too low or too high".
fixalarmif zone was not off, but muted, it played no sound.
fixRP341airplay input could not be disabled with 5th zone.
fixinstreamerFirmware 1.07 fixes distortion with Digital/Optical Line Input.
fixsystemsome RPx devices: unexpected restarts.
fixcontroloption "zone is available in zone select menu" was ignored with RP34x and other hardware.
addconfigoption "zone is available in zone select menu" is now also available with C4. with servicetype ..."
fixairplayc4 no activation of zone on 2nd stream source card, since build 10755 of 18.02.16.
fixairplayc4 streamsource: no sound, or replay of previous selected nas track, on airplay activation.
fixcontrolselect of long playlist names not possible.
fixgroupzones of offline players could be switched on.
fixgroupunexpected pause one volume increment if a slave player is offline.
fixconfigFirefox crash in zone list with special chars.
addupdateoption to include touchpads in update.
fixsystemno ip address at random, with dhcp, after restart esp. after software update.
8.72 - 21.04.2016
chgsystemproduction release 8.72.
8.71 - 20.04.2016
fixconfigC4A20 appeared twice in remote support, with and without hardware type 26.
addweb visuconfig option to hide system setup link.
addconfigoption to hide tunein in the web visu by xml call
fixinstreamerrapid firmware update of multiple devices in a row broke. now a minimum wait time between updates is enforced.
fixconfigmissing support to activate DHCP by ServerAdmin tool.
addaudionew default dsp audio presets (stealth lr).
fixtuneinsome web radios did not play like: radio contact, bel rtl, which use AIS AISE1 Streaming Server.
fixxmlcover art info replies were inconsistent between search calls.
chgknxmax number of knx events increased from 256 to 512.
fixtuneraudio dropout every 5 seconds
fixweb visuandroid <= 4.3 now shows a text clock
chgbackupdefault filename is now trivum-mc-serial-... for more convenient storage
chgconfig/setup is now the new default path for the expert web configuration. serveradmin tool will call /setup if version >= 8.71 is present.
addalarmwarnings entry if alarm is played in a slave zone of a group.
8.70 - 01.03.2016
fixtunerfm station switch did not update visu with scx, rpx slave device zone.
chgxmlmusic search replies: compilation artist names are now "compilation", not "compilationalbum".
fixupdatecross update v8 to v9 stopped immediately if any touchpads were connected.
addknx4 bit volume: step size option.
fixvolumeRP310 change from volume 1 to 2 was far too loud. now the curve is smoother.
addconfigsupport for /setup to open web config
addupdateauto redirect of v9.html after downgrade
addupdateoptionally includes touchpads if "all" is given instead of "yes" and channel is prod, beta or rc.
addupdatetouchpads are now always updated on cross update between v8 and v9 if channel is prod, beta or rc.
8.69 - 10.02.2016
fixtuneinwith installer line: occasional audio dropouts with some stations like Chocolate Radio that provide highly varying input data rates.
fixconfigzone actions were deleted unexpectedly if expert mode was inactive.
fixaudioloss of audio temporarily or permanently after many track changes.
fixaudioimproved handling of AudioPlayer restart with automatic replay of current track.
fixaudioplay sometimes started no audio.
fixconfigc4 downgrade v9 to v8: ran as installer mode with damaged config (ZonePlayers etc.).
FIXaudiosc34x no audio after stream pause, wait 45 sec, then play.
fixgroupstart of source by a slave zone did not work, partially or in complete.

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