Change Notes

version type module change
9.48 build 14549 - 21.10.19
chguidisplay of listen and transfer option can now be disabled on sc, abox2, c4.
fixservicessearch and then play failed in some cases.
fixaudiono sound except on volume changes in a master/slave system is one of the slave devices is offline.
addserviceseasy adding of service playlists into favorites by list context menu.
addservicesdisplay of originating playlist name on playback.
addservicesplaylist favorites from services like deezer, tidal, qobuz are now live updated on play by zone action or knx event.
chguiConfigoption 'show listen and transfer' is now always on with SC, ABox2, C4.
addlibraryplay any function.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)click noise on left channel if bass enhance is not used. (fw 1.17).
9.47 - 30.09.19
addlanguageeasier disabling of self uploaded translation file.
fixwebradiodid not play some https based stations.
fixuiConfigentering URLs with "&" characters can now be done without workarounds.
fixtuneinand customURLs: unable to play streams which use html based redirects, and which limited track play by content length.
adduicustomURLs: actions can now be defined to play them.
adduirecent played list is now updated in more cases, like skip in a playlist.
adduiwhen playing a tunein favorite, and further favorites exist, skip is now offered.
addspotify connectoption to switch off zone on pause.
addknxwebcontrol webcam image size option.
addapiv1 calls extended by .xml, like /api/v1/trivum/favorite.xml. old form is further supported.
addapiget list of trivum playlists, play a playlist.
fixdeezermissing artist info in track search results.
fixtidalmissing artist info in track search results.
adduiplaylist display order can now be changed.
chgqobuzsearch now lists track results first.
adduiimproved add track to playlist with playlist selection.
fixC4during startup it was possible to select streaming without any sound. now there is an alert "Starting, please wait".
fixuirename of playlist was sometimes blocked.
addC4event log now tells which card is used, and when stream sources have an important status change.
adduiConfigaction definition now allows to search in artists, albums etc.
adduichange track order in playlists.
adduifunction to play all favorite tracks as one list, without albums or web radios.
adduiif a password is configured there now is an option to disable restart from non admin user interfaces.
fixservicesplay of audio services sometimes failed permanently until restart.
adduiimproved playlist handling. users of a trivum Touchpad need to update to V2.66 for all functions.
adduiedit playlist: function to delete tracks from a playlist.
fixuimusic search: sometimes unreadable result lines.
fixuiplaylists: editing showed wrong character encoding.
fixuiplaylists: add was not possible.
adduicontext sensitive function "add track to playlist", if a playlist was used before.
fixuiplaylist rename was not possible.
adduithe play queue can now be added directly to a trivum playlist.
9.46 - 22.08.19
chgAudioBox2 (P150)reworked linein auto sense thresholds.
fixC4web config did not offer to add zones if no zones existed so far.
fixuiConfigmissing warnings section under about/info in slave mode.
addgiraadvanced option "fixgrayie" to avoid gray screen in gira quad client.
adddocknx documentation now explains the Gira QuadClient IE modes, and how to fix them.
delc4useless option to change to slave mode.
addguisome menues do not autorefresh their content e.g. Zone select menu
fixguiminor gui changes/fixes
fixguizone select menu gui update. It is now easier to read.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth driver updated to v1.07. Support for player change on connected bluetooth devices
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth error handling improved
fixAudioBox2 (P150)quick restart may have caused subsequent play failure.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)front keys < > did not skip.
9.45 - 08.07.19
chgAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth connection state handling.
fixuiConfigeventlog, httplog no longer reduces ip's from other networks.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth fixes
adduiConfigautomatic detection of redundant output mappings with sc and abox2.
chguiConfigwide display option now at right top.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)wlan setup by web visu.
chgAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth pairing auto stop after 5 minutes. better led display of pairing.
chguiConfigrework of slave web config.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth was not possible with slave devices.
addAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth level adjust option.
adduirecent played list.
docuiConfigmore translations.
9.44 - 17.06.19
fixspotify connectwith rp341: unexpected volume change on track change.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)dab scan never showed a list. (FW 1.12)
adduiConfigcontrol unit options to show actions in the touchpad menu etc. now accessible by web config.
chgdocDivus Kibro App is no longer usable since Android 9, now recommending the Fully Kiosk App.
fixspotify connectdid not play on C4.
fixspotify connectwith sc, abox2: unexpected volume change on track change. volume was not sent from trivum to client device.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bass, treble sometimes not applied after a software update, until manual change.
fixscheduledate month info.
adduiConfigoption for full width web configuration.
fixSCafter v8 to v9 update the output mappings were missing.
adduiConfigRP341 infos about On/Off line.
fixuiWebunable to change zone, with some browsers like Firefox 52 32bit.
addAudioBox2 (P150)option to show bluetooth as action, context menu with pairing options.
addscairplay and spotcon option to disable volume control when using zone control.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)no sound with instreamer when used subsequently in different zones.
chgAudioBox2 (P150)correction of led brightness.
addalarmfunction to test alarm.
addalarmcan now play ringtones.
addAudioBox2 (P150)wlan quality information, display of connection ip.
addAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth function to forget all bound devices.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)click noise while streaming.
addairplayplay action under music services.
addspotify connectplay action under music services.
chguiWebinstant notice when trying to use the web visualization with IE7.
fixqobuzcrash when calling context menu with some accounts.
addspotify connectfunction to remove user data cache. this is now also done automatically on reset to factory defaults.
fixaudiobalance/bass/treble was not always applied with master/slave combinations.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)dab radio: next/previous station.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)no audible change on bass/treble correction until volume change. (FW 1.07)
optsystembetter performance when changing settings repeatedly, like bass or treble.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)temporary loud volume when changing balance setting. (FW 1.06)
fixgroupgroup editing not possible with touchpads (missing done field).
fixairplaycontrol zone settings were disabled after update of SC devices.
fixuiWeboption to hide setup in webtouch clients was ignored.
fixuiWebsettings / soundsystem setup wrong title.
fixuiWebmissing link to web configuration.
fixuizones marked as not selectable, but used in a zone group, hid the whole zone group.
fixuiWeberror with IE when changing zone.
fixAudioBox1wrong hardware type detection
fixAudioBox1wrong config alert "mixer module not running"
fixtunererror at touchpad on touch into frequency scale.
chguiConfigimproved knx descriptions.
fixuiWebzone or group info was not always updated when changing groups.
fixsystemname server checks were done too often.
fixsystemslave devices sometimes invisible in serveradmin tool.
adduiConfigoption to hide predefined groups in control units.
fixscmissing airplay/spotcon control zone selection in some cases.
fixscasynchroneous group play when starting playback via a group slave zone.
fixtuneinlong delays when playing tunein stations via favorite from trivum api.
fixpagingupload of mono sound mp3 files: last halve second was missing.
fixpagingadd a text to speak no longer worked.
fixuiconfigsome control units were not detected as being configured.
fixdeezernumber of favourites was limited to 25.
fixknxerror 'wrong/missing level1' after importing group addresses starting with a main group 14 or higher.
fixairplayzone names with umlauts taken over from V8 did not appear. to fix those characters re-enter zone names.
fixtunerswitch back from low fm range required cold restart.
fixaudio servicesplaylist access.
fixsystemdelays when changing volume if user interface is not english.
chguiconfigIt is now faster to get to the soundsystem (hardware) setup when there is just one soundsystem configured. Instead of showing a list of installed soundsystems, the user gets directly to the single soundsystem setup
chguiconfigThere is a new icon "expand your system" where new devices (instreamers, (adapters), controlunits, soundsystems) can be registered.
chguiconfigto delete a ControlUnit definition, there is now a remove-icon in the list of ControlUnits. The remove action inside the ControlUnit setup has been removed.
adduiconfignew action 'power on/off'. Toggles zone on/off. If the zone if off and no last source is available then the command does nothing.
chguiconfigwhen just one soundsystem is used, then no longer show "use unicast audio for group play" in advanced setup
chguiconfigif just one zone is defined, no longer show zonelist and zonegroups in main setup menu
chguiconfigadded the alarm 1/2 setup in the zone setup together with the advanced times in the new zone timer setup
chguiconfigmoved all the logs&reports in the "about" menu to have all relevant information at one place
9.43 - 27.02.19
fixuiConfigwrong description for KNX GA to play a nas index playlist.
chgschedulernow always shows repeat option.
chgsystemautomatic use of unicast audio by default, with up to 4 devices combined.
fixknxscenes only saved the state of the first participating zone.
chgqobuzswitch to new API (json-based).
addRP341, SCsupport for FM Tuner range 76-95 MHz.
9.42 - 08.02.19
fixuiconfigwrong description of GA to include/exclude in scene.
addspotify connectoption to limit play to a list of allowed users.
fixlibraryscan failed on some systems due to short timeout settings.
fixSC, C4join was not possible on sources started by non-keypad. added spoken info if join is not possible.
chgSC, C4join timeout is now configurable, default is no timeout.
adduiConfignow showing a join failure also in eventlog and warnings list.
fixknxevents were not configurable on some systems.
addknxdisplays: option to keep utf-8 characters instead of replacing them by blanks.
fixknximpossible to reactivate knx globally after deactivation. fixed with build 13794.
fixdeezerflow did not play.
chguiconfigimproved event log.
adduiconfigbesides the zone and keypad actionlists, there is a new global actionlist, editable under control units. All actions defined in this list will be shown in all TouchPads and WebTouch interfaces.
adduiconfigfor FLEXLINE devices (SC3xxx) there is a new option 'show listen and transfer in zoneselect'. This comes together with the 'join' feature to listen to the source which has been started in another zone just a little time ago. Add a join action to the zone, and a JOIN will be automatically appear in the action list of the zones which are able to join. These are only zones which share the same FLEXLine device.
adduiconfigfor C4Systems there is a new option 'show "listen" and "transfer" in zoneselect'.
adduiconfigit is now also possible to create a action which starts music on a specific player - not only the default player.
adduiconfigit is now also possible to create a action which starts music on a specific fm tuner - not only the default tuner.
9.41 - 19.12.18
chgsystemjoin play is now possible for five minutes instead of one minute.
chgeventlogsize doubled.
addeventlogdisplay of airplay and spotcon play activation and pause while zone is permanently on.
fixuiconfigzone quick control was not available.
adduiconfiglist of control units: show user agent if (unsupported) IE 7 is detected.
fixdeezerflow did not play.
fixspotify connectoption was not shown for zones of single stream slave devices.
addknxtemperature and climate status can now optionally use the globally defined refresh interval.
fixC4noise with 24 bit 192 khz flac play.
addSC/RPsupport for lower samplerates.
9.40 - 16.11.18
chgSCsound settings: adjust volume is now possible down to 10 percent. (FW 1.27)
fixSCsometimes unwanted change of zone mappings if the system differs from default mappings. redundant outputs were added to some zones, causing playback stop after a second. fixed with build 13696.
fixspotify connectwith rp341, abox: default if no zone control was selected is to play the first zone of the device. now there is an extra option to fully disable zone control, requiring to define an action to switch to SpotifyConnect.
fixrp311playback of audio with unusual sample rates did not work, like tunein announcements of unplayable radio
chgtuneinimproved access on repeated connects with the same station, reducing 403 errors
docuiconfignow showing a notice that Airplay passwords are not supported with iOS12 devices, as these no longer display a password popup.
9.39 - 07.11.18
fixinstreamerfirmware V1.26 for improved stability. if warm devices loose their connection take them from power, wait until cooled, then update to V1.26.
fixtuneindid not play some ssl encrypted web radio stations.
fixtuneinstorage of some tunein stations as trivum favorites did not work.
fixairplayinput names containing a dot "." were always hidden at clients. now the dot is replaced by ":" automatically. (V9.39 build 13654)
chguiConfigreorganized the structure of the configuration menus and added new icons.
chguiConfigthe help has now become a blue icon in the top right area.
chguiConfignew support area with all helpful information.
chguiConfignew Readme area with all available documentation.
adduiConfignew section with "first steps". This helps unexperienced users to configure their system.
adduiConfigdisk space info if less than 1 gb is left.
adduiConfigimproved ntp infos.
9.38 - 15.10.18
fixuiWeblibrary artist and album lists with many entries did not allow alphabet jumps.
chgsystemimproved stability with systems using incomplete spotify configurations.
9.37 - 02.10.18
fixwebcontrolcorrections in display and stepping of negative temperatures.
chgwebcontrolshutter: unconfigured short action GA no longer produces an error popup.
chgknxoption for long GA names.
chguiConfigoptimized display of long knx GA names.
fixwebcontrolremoved active icon color selection which is not supported with webcontrol.
fixwebcontrolvalue display with 14 bytes text: text was truncated.
fixtuneinrework of favourite support and account linking. old device based favourites are lost, but new ones can be created. if account linking was configured and no favourites appear you may have to select 'join this device with account' again in the web configuration.
adduiConfigreadme: service page link and backup note.
fixuiConfigcorrection of getChanges example under maintenance / logs / example http request.
9.36 - 20.09.18
fixknxwrong encoding of negative temperature values.
addlibrarySMB3 protocol NAS reading support with C4, SC and RP devices.
fixuiConfigwrong text in SC344V2 output mapping pages.
fixweb visugroup edit caused zone change. Group editing is now the same as on trivum TouchPads.
9.35 - 24.08.18
fixweb visuzone change was blocked.
fixknxvolume change: unmute of unrelated zones.
fixAirPlayswitch to other streaming content while Airplay input continued produced bad sound.
addconfigNTP server address can now be modified in time setup
addconfigit is now possible to view/analyze the content of the trivum favorites.
chgsetupactive TouchPads (listed in the control unit menu) have now a "WebConfig" button. This button opens a new browser window/tab with the TouchPads setup page
fixalarmwhen no days are selected, then the alarm days no longer show 'Mo-Mo'. Now 'no days selected' is shown
fixuiwhen streaming a track without coverart there was a wrong image in the zone selection menu. Now the "no coverart" image is shown in the zone selection menu again.
fixstreamingC4 systems can now use actions to play specific favorites again
fixstreamingC4 systems can now use actions to play specific trivum playlists again
adduizonegroups can now have different icons. This makes it easier to select in the zone select menu.
fixknxnew KNX/IP routers might add additional information in the CEMI routing frame (AddIl field). trivum now supports telegrams/frames with this feature.
chginstreamerimproved display of configured name.
chgsystemno longer creating a config snapshot named build-12143 automatically.
addaudiocustom stream urls are now supported. Manage your own list of stream urls and these e.g. webstations are available for the user in the music menu (webtouch, touchpad).
fixconfigknx timers can now be deleted again.
addconfignew actions to set the default sources in zones. Be carefull by using these actions. It should only be used by experienced installers.
addconfigthe menues do now show 'new feature' icons and 'specific help' icons in the setup
adduiwhen AirPlay is supported, then AirPlay is shown in "Music services" menu with some info about how to use AirPlay
addknxtransfer of defined knx object definitions between musicservers and touchpads. for new functions see: WebControl user interface / Objects
chgknxin the zone knx settings, the trivum favorites are now shown as a list
addconfigtrivum TouchPads can now specify a 'homezone'. If specified, the TouchPad will switch to this zone at 3:15 in the night (if current controlled zone is muted or off). This makes sure that the user controls a defined zone (homezone) in the morning.
addconfignow a scheduler is available. Plan actions in zones (or systemwide) like in your personal calendar. Dayview, weekview, monthview. Repeat available. KNX telegrams etc. supported.
addconfiguser can now specify a time after which muted zones will automatically power off
addconfiguser can now specify a time after which stopped/paused zones will automatically power off
addconfignew optional action for each zone which is triggered on system startup. With this option, zones can e.g. automatically play a NAS album when the trivum system gets powered on
chgconfigname server failure now shows an alert.
9.34 - 12.07.18
chgsystemwith configured password a change of diverse settings by xml is no longer allowed if not authorized.
fixsystemC4 systems did not appear in component lists.
chgsystemnative ZeroConf is now default.
addknxwebcontrol, define and control knx objects by a web user interface.
addknxin zone knx setup, you can now see a list of fm tuner presets which can be activated via knx
chgknxgroup play: events like skip to next track and play/pause/stop are no longer ignored when sent to a group slave zone, but are passed to the group master.
chgxmlgroup play: same as knx above, events like skip to next track are now passed from a slave zone to master.
fixuizone selection: zone groups were sometimes not fully displayed.
adduitranslations of all supported languages.
adduiConfigoption to upload and use a custom translation file for testing.
chguiConfigdownload of translation file: no longer exporting unused messages.
9.33 - 02.07.18
adduiConfignotices about shared use of KNX group addresses.
chguiConfigno longer accepting pure numeric zone names like 1, 2, 3 ...
fixwebcontrolpopup for RGB (after long press on button) will no longer immediately close
fixwebcontrolshutter webcontrol does now support +/- of angle+position in details popup
fixwebcontrolshutter: curtain model 2: ga for long action open was ignored.
addautomationtouchpads can now have buttons which triggers mcenter actions
chgpaginggong pagings now always use the same zones as the calling paging.
fixpagingwith gong it did not stop on stopAllPagings if in gong playing phase.
fixknxknx displays of slave zones in a group did not show artist/album informations when playing stream content.
fixAudioBox1when using 2 zones, independent lineout with fixed volume, the fixed volume was used only when switching the zone on. now the volume is completely fix, ignoring the visual volume control. this mode may be useful only with fully external volume control of an amp through RTI. if the permanent fixed volume is unexpected for you, go to players / abox / lineout settings, and select variable volume instead.
addtuneinsupport of web radios that use https streams.
9.32 - 04.06.18
fixRP311setup with 2 zones: no streaming sound in zone 2 if zone 1 uses line input.
chgSC344V2trigger outputs now reflect only the line outputs, in the same geometric orientation.
chgtuneinclear error in visualization when trying to play encrypted web radio.
9.31 - 28.05.18
addtuneinmessage in warnings when trying to play ssl encrypted web radios, which is not supported.
fixuiWebchange to zone with no actions did not clear the action list.
addSC344V2support for SC344V2. (FW 1.23)
adduiConfignew documentation of the HTTP API.
adduiConfigmore german translations.
9.30 - 09.05.18
fixsystemsometimes permanent restart of player modules if native ZeroConf option is active.
adduiWeboption to supply a zone=@n parameter when calling a visu, to limit it to this zone.
fixsetupminor problem fixed when showing used knx group addresses which are used in macro steps
addsetupadded "objects" in WebControl setup area. Show all defined and usable webcontrol objects in a list
addknxadded valuemapping support (same as in trivum TouchPads)
addmacroBasic support to use the trivum IR/RS232 adapters to control devices
addmacroAdded macros (same as in trivum TouchPads).
fixSC044subwoofer output unusable (noise). fallback to SC Firmware 1.21.
fixuiConfigzone sources are no longer called KNX source list, but KNX/HTTP source list, as they can also be controlled by http.
addairplayrepeated AirPlay input name sending: option to use a new method called Native ZeroConf, which also supports RP34x and Actuator4. see: Streaming / AirPlay / Use native ZeroConf. this function is Beta. try it if AirPlay names are not visible, esp. with RP34x and Actuator4.
fixpagingcrash when calling undefined paging.
addxml/xml/zone/set.xml now supports bass, treble and balance with all systems (not just C4).
chgxmlgetWebTouchMenu now shows FM Tuner and Aux, if present, also without any show parameter.
9.29 - 26.04.18
fixuiaction to play NAS album failed in some cases.
fixairplaysometimes unexpected system restart on start of stream.
fixuiWebzonegroups with many entries displayed a text with unreadable small font.
fixsystemsometimes (very rare) freeze of mcenter, making it impossible to open the web configuration even by a cable based connection.
addknxtimer support, in the web configuration under Automation / Timers.
addsystemnew zone commands usable by http interface: ZONECMD_MUTE_ON 680 ZONECMD_MUTE_OFF 681
chgSCreworked audio firmware V1.22, to support new hardware.
9.28 - 05.04.18
adduiConfigsc044 trigger out documentation.
fixlibrarytracks within sampler albums are no longer sorted by artist name, but by disc and track number, if these values are provided in the meta data.
fixuisampler album selection by text search showed only one track per album.
9.27 - 07.03.18
fixknxplay favourite by 1-byte command did not switch on the zone or select streaming.
adduiWebimproved detection of some IE versions.
fixuiConfigDSP presets not editable, since V9.22.
adduiConfiginformation that AirPlay input announcement repeat is not supported on devices like RP341.
addalarmnow the current playing artist or album can be selected as an alarm source.
fixuiConfigdefect backup files with lines like: PW = ""PW = ""PW =... are now corrected on import automatically. if Touchpads are present an update to V2.52 is recommended, to fix the same issue.
fixuiConfigAirPlay password was set unexpectedly after uploading a configuration backup.
addpagingSC, RP, ABox: option to repeat an audio file until the configured stop time is reached.
addpagingoptional gong before a paging, which is configured as another stream paging played automatically before the main paging.
9.26 - 12.02.18
fixpagingupload of mono sounds did not work esp. with audiobox.
addpaginguniversal stream paging on all devices including RP, AudioBox and classic Actuators. paging sound may not play fully synchroneous when combining devices of different type, like SC with RP.
chgpagingcompact display of paging actions, just names without numbers.
adduiConfiglink to software update infos.
fixsystempartially damaged configuration backup files, after every line with password = "", since V9.22. in most cases the configuration can still be used for restore. to fix those files add a linefeed at the end of each password = "" line, or update to V9.27 which can auto correct this.
fixuiswitching to a different zone or group was sometimes not possible, after (un)grouping.
fixactuator4sometimes noise when pausing group play.
fixC4restart when editing paging zones.
fixaudiopossible noise when switching between tracks with different samplerate.
fixaudiosometimes unwanted play of old streaming content when selecting new content.
fixRPsometimes sound dropouts with a few older devices that used kernel 3.4.
9.25 - 26.01.18
fixpaginglast part of sound was cut on SC.
addpagingshort silence phase at start and end.
fixsystemplayers appearing with type "unknown 0" permanently in the player list.
fixdeezerstop of long tracks in some cases.
adduiConfigdisplay of active nameserver under about.
adduifunction to restart the music server, available under settings.
fixRP010permanent streaming failure (one sound interrupt per second) on some devices depending on streaming options.
fixRP341sometimes ignored audio switching commands.
9.24 - 17.01.18
fixpagingRP actuator zones were selectable with stream paging although this is not implemented.
fixlibraryafter selecting an album via trivum favorites, defining track trivum favorites produced wrong favorites selecting the wrong track.
fixsystemcrash after nas rescan.
fixuiConfigmusicserverstatus: nas rescan did not clear old messages, new messages of scan problems were not displayed. more important message get now more space.
addautomationadded first beta support for audio automation / automation scheduler
chgsetupin the knx setup it is now possible to enter 'default' or nothing in the entry field for router ip address. The system will then insert the default knx ip multicast address
addrtithe RTI driver does now support room volume changes in group mode
fixAudioBox1line input autosense did not work since V9.22. fixed with FW 1.09.
fixpagingSC stream paging: volume increased too early.
fixpagingnoise at end of sound.
fixaudioRP as master combined with SC as slave (which is not recommended) produced no sound on the SC in group play.
chgsystemimproved single volume step support esp. with muted zones.
fixuiWeblighttouch: error message "missing id" when selecting a trivum favorite.
addpagingstream paging SC and C4: creation of spoken text audio files.
9.23 - 30.11.17
docuiConfiglist of KNX DPT data point types.
adduiConfigdevices in slave mode now also show basic setup, allowing to configure a password.
fixuiConfigmain help link did not work with any other language then English
chguiConfiglibrary scan status now shows important errors first.
fixuiConfigsetup music library: displayed wrong actions while adding new network shares.
fixsysteminvisible daily auto restart option of slave devices caused unexpected restarts of slaves. now daily auto restart is done only by master.
adduiWebstatus display if paging is active in date area.
adduivisu actions to stop a paging can now be defined.
chgknxzone volume sent by trivum now tries to re-send the original knx input value if it didn't change.
fixuiWebwrong UTF character display in actions.
fixknxremove the imported group addresses did not work.
docknxmissing HowtoExportGroupAddressesInETSSoftware.html
FIXinstreamerwith RP actuators: if Instreamer was played, then zone switched off, no further sound was possible with any streaming until restart.
fixlibrarywrong display of UTF-8 characters in Genre names. to correct the display of existing libraries, select music library / setup / clear music database, then refresh the music index.
9.22 - 06.11.17
fixC4AirPlay sometimes no sound on track start.
fixC4alarm source selection by web visu: fm tuner station was not selectable. line input was not selectable.
fixalarmdid not play if "once" was selected.
chgsystemin case of network error "zone has a limited network (no multicast)" it no longer blocks the zone if option "use unicast audio" is set.
fixAudioBox1unwanted bass enhancement if highpass filter is used. if you got used to the (incorrect) bass enhancement use bass enhance after the update.
chgsystemauto restart of player components, on ZonePlayer not found error after web radio play.
adduiConfigfunction quick restart, to just restart audio components without a full reboot, which is sufficient in most cases.
9.21 - 18.10.17
fixrp311lineout for subwoofer: missing settings for cut off frequency and level adjust.
docuiConfigmore german translations.
addalarmglobal web config option to force alarm play and zone off no matter if zone was playing before, and no matter if zone was switched off and on inbetween, if alarm is used for automation.
docalarmdetail description of alarm behaviour, with reference to Night Quiet Time.
chgactuator4low voltage warning no longer blocks zones.
addalarmdetailed eventlog infos if alarm play is ignored by an active zone, and will not stop that zone later.
fixactuator4and actuator1: distortion on bass reduction and bass enhancement
addSCimproved stream paging support with SC devices. it is no longer required to reserve a streamer for paging, and ringtone files can be uploaded by web browser.
addC4direct ringtone upload by web interface.
fixC4stream ringtones did not play start of sound.
adddoclinks to manual in readme and support.
9.20 - 29.09.17
addC4transfer of local cardhost slave firmware version, display in list of cardhosts as "FW". display of cardhost slave version as "SV".
chggroupzonegroup ungrouping (by KNX or Action) no longer stops music in the group master.
fixgroupzonegroup ungrouping failed if group master was not the first zone.
docsetupZonePlayershow to combine devices into a multiroom system.
docrtifull driver documentation is now contained in the musiccenter main help text.
fixlibraryalbums with more than 50 tracks did not offer middle or last track for direct play.
fixlibraryalbums with more than 50 tracks did not play all tracks on selection by touchpad.
fixtuneinacccount linking did not work with passwords containing "+".
addaudiotrivum playlists can now be played by actions defined in a zone, control unit, or KNX event. to play a Deezer/Qobuz/Tidal playlist by KNX event create a trivum favorite instead.
chgdeezerunavailable tracks now show a short info "track is not available."
adduiConfigchange of assigned zone: info if zone is currently in a group.
addtuneinfavorites of a tunein account can now be linked, in the web config, under streaming / tunein.
chgtuneinwma and aac stations are now marked unplayable again, due to audio stream stops esp. with C4 systems. e.g. with SRF 3 primarily AAC was selected, which was instable.
9.19 - 07.09.17
chgrtiadded documentation and fixed minor issues in the RTI setup page(s)
chgtuneinwma and aac stations were listed as not playable in search results.
fixalarmmaximum duration is now 20 hours.
fixlibraryalbums with more than 50 tracks did not list all tracks.
addrticomplete new RTI driver with support for RtiPanel, KX10, Tx3 and Virtual Panel. Supports browsung, search, options menus and zone overview. This is a real complete RTI multiroom audio driver.
fixC4ringtone paging: possible play delay on start.
addsysteminternal support for perfomance measurement.
9.18 - 09.08.17
fixrtiZONECMD_GROUP_STOP does now use the correct zone/group to ungroup.
fixxmltrivum playlist query: wrong number of reply records.
fixSCremoving a stereo output was incomplete, showing an info "Error2".
fixsystemslave devices running in wrong master mode are now actively blocked from playing anything, showing alert "invalid zone" and giving details in the web configuration.
addrtinew beta driver 2.0 which enables music menus with search and zone group control
fixuiWebplayer track position display position
addlibrarydetection of .flac compilation/sampler files by "compilation=1" tag, or by albumartist=Various Artists, or by albumartist=Various.
chgsystemno longer accepting play on zones of players which are configured in wrong mode.
adduiConfigplayer list: detection of slave which are configured as master. new actions to jump directly to their web configuration.
adduinew message "invalid zone, or wrong device mode" if a slave device is changed to master mode without removing it at the old master.
9.17 - 25.07.17
addsystemoption for group play to use unicast audio.
fixtidalblocked system on skip to start of current track.
fixservicesskip to start ignored with all services.
chguilanguages: technical support for nl. added missing http header for language file download.
chguiConfignas status and scanner log pages now use utf-8 for output.
fixprolinefixed a problem with "show tunein menu" and selecting a station while current source is not a streamsource (invalid card id @xxx)
adduiConfigfirst musiccenter manual.
fixqobuznewly created playlists did not appear.
fixknxzone bindings: GA command (2 bytes) did not work.
addalarmoptional fade-in time.
addSC044trigger input now supports normal actions like playing a streaming content.
chgAirPlaySC: no longer showing input of a streamer that is not used by any zone.
chgAirPlaySC: zone control is now selected per streamer instead of per zone. with several zones sharing the same streamer user can now select which zone to activate on airplay input.
9.16 - 03.07.17
fixuimessage "no music selected" with InStreamer or AirPlay in some cases.
adduiConfigpaging log.
adduiConfigupdate of single touchpads.
adduiConfigupdate: display of available updates for touchpads.
chgC4deezer: stopped playing after 4 minutes, now buffers 10 mb per stream.
fixuiConfigmessage "missing/wrong hardwareoutput" on selection of bass enhancer and other places.
fixgroupmusic stopped when combining a single playing zone with another zone.
fixgroupwrong audio when taking over playing slave zone of another group into a group.
fixgrouppermanent distorted audio when activating a zone group on a slave zone of another group which is currently playing music.
adduidisplay of status "no data from ..." while stream playback gets no input data.
chgserviceschange of audio service support.
addconfignow every timezone is supported of interface "eth0". This enables support more than one ip for e.g. C4 systems (KBB)
addconfigc4 systems can now decide if they want to use a systemwide fm station list for a specific tuner card
chgsystemlineinput description are now used in actions if the command is "activate lineinput x"
fixpagingbugfix for input connect as source
9.15 - 20.06.17
addconfigfirst support of help files (needs BETA mode to be visible)
fixconfigNow KNX display type TENSE can be used. System sometimes stopped when selecting TENSE as display type
fixpagingzone local volume settings were ignored.
fixuiWebexception on group volume change: Cannot read property 'iClVolume' of undefined
fixuiWebfast volume changes in slider mode caused too high system load, possibly causing audio dropouts.
fixsystempaging is now faster in non-C4 systems.
fixsystempaging does not accept descriptions and IDs as key in http requests
newgroupit is now possible to just offer predefined zonegroups in the zone select list. No "group" button visible in the zoneselect menu in this new mode.
newgroupnow zonegroups can have "use absolute volume" per zone or "use the master zone volume" to set zone volumes when a zonegroup is started
fixgroupusing "ungroup" in ZoneMenu, the zone will now continue playing music if it was master of the zone. Just group is ungrouped then.
fixuiWebmay not have loaded latest code, requiring to clear the browser cache.
fixgroupmissing group off on slave zone line input auto sensing signal off.
fixgroupincomplete group play via slave zone with: favourites, audio services, library play.
FIXgroupselection of content did not play if group master zone was not the first zone of a group.
newgroupit is now possible to just offer predefined zonegroups in the zone select list. No "group" button visible in the zoneselect menu in this new mode.
newgroupnow zonegroups can have "use absolute volume" per zone or "use the master zone volume" to set zone volumes when a zonegroup is started
fixgroupusing "ungroup" in ZoneMenu, the zone will now continue playing music if it was master of the zone. Just group is ungrouped then.
chguifull rework of group volume handling. there is no longer a mode selection between zones or global group volume, the group volume is always changed at the bottom. many bug fixes and much improved gui responsiveness. touchpad V2.47 requires MusicCenter V9.15.
9.14 - 18.05.17
fixuiWebunneccessary updates of inactive web visus.
adduiConfigwarnings if slave players use an older software version.
chgsystemimproved buffering with deezer, tidal, qobuz.
fixdeezertracks stopped playing after 4 minutes.
9.13 - 11.05.17
fixgroupnow a new master will be used when the current master will be removed from the group. All music is stopped.
fixgroupfixed a minor problem with zonegroups having no master
fixuiConfigline input auto sensing: wrong "current signal" info in web config with slave player inputs.
fixinputline input auto sensing: no restore of recent volume when group is switched off by auto sensing, with some zones esp. on other devices.
chgAudioBox1volume buttons with group play: now these buttons change only the individual volume of the zone, not of the group.
fixgroupgroups can now also be changed while AirPlay is playing without stopping the music as long as the master zone is not changed. (build 12472)
fixsystemremoved possible crash when slaves (zoneplayers) are removed from the master
fixuiaudio services: if a search failed it's error status was displayed endless even on successful play afterwards.
fixsystemnetwork setup: when changing to static ip and then back to DHCP without restart a wrong name server entry could have been active.
fixC4macro steps with type "knx command" did not save the knx group address.
fixSCunexpected hardware communication failure.
addSCendless tuner play even after stop of system.
fixC4sometimes audio dropouts on lost network packages.
addgroupin zoneselect list when "group" button is selected, the group edit list shows now information about the zones and how they are used (slave,master,single) and whether music may stop when a zone is added/removed in this group edit menu.
fixgroupfixed a problem with changing groups while playing music. When zones are ungrouped and grouped while playing music, then grouping had some problems spanning over several SCxxx devices.
chguiConfigrework of file import: knx ets
chguiConfigrework of file import: config restore
adduiConfigadded a new submenu in network settings to show all the information about trivum components found in the network
fixalarmthe alarm does now check, whether the zone is currently On, but has a paused/stopped stream. If on and paused/stopped, then the alarm action (e.g. tuner) is started. Sometimes user noted "not running alarms", but these users had their zone on with paused streaming. Now they will hear the alarm.
addknx"set/get alarm active" is now supported for alarm 1 and alarm 2 for each zone
fixuiWebresolved javascript error occured (very rarely) during network retry handling
addknxzone does now supports 1 bit volume step object in addition to 1 byte (absolute) and 4 bit (dimm)
9.12 - 01.04.17
fixuiConfigshowPlaylistsForKNX: did not list names of index playlists P1 P2 etc. rework of info text.
chguiConfigrework of icons and about info.
addC4PowerAmpConnect with Firmware 1.21 or higher: support for Stealth Speaker DSP Presets.
adduiConfigpassword protection rework for mcenter and new for touchpad. Added "logout" icon in webconfig when password protected.
9.11 - 23.03.17
addfavoritesdisplay of favourite number on selection.
fixfavoritesnow telling the correct favorite number when adding a trivum favorite.
fixtuneinstation play from trivum favourite did not work.
addsystemadded support for powerampconnect card to specify DSP preset (since 1.05 firmware).
fixsystemsaved wrong config data for bass enhance level etc. of powerampconnect cards.
fixuiWebIE8: tunein favorite list showed only first entry.
fixC4zone off/on did not always replay current stream.
addRTInew driver V9.04 now supports display of group names and fast update of changed zone names. ftp:
fixuiConfignetmask could not be configured.
fixuiConfigsometimes changes in the configuration were not stored, and lost on next restart.
9.10 - 08.03.17
fixsystemrestart of master by ServerAdmin tool did not restart the slaves.
fixsystemrestart by ServerAdmin tool did no reboot.
fixsystemdevice sometimes not visible after reboot if started parallel to network switch.
fixtuneinfull text search produced error 403 on some systems.
fixC4AirPlay inputs not visible even after switching the zone off. While web radio plays it can happen that AirPlay inputs are not visible if the customer network multicast is limited. But as soon as the zone is switched off they will now appear.
fixsystemdevice sometimes not visible in serveradmin tool after getting a delayed dhcp address.
adduiConfigwarning if network interface is limited by an inactive default gateway.
chgsystemunified watchdog default timeout of 10 minutes.
9.09 - 24.02.17
adduiConfigipscan now shows build and firmware version.
fixRP3xxautomatic restart by watchdog did not work, mono support was not available, as flash firmware updates were not installed since build 12117 of 23.11.16.
addinstreamersupport for mass update.
fixactuator4line input volume adjust did not work.
adduiConfiglist of zoneplayers: option to run a unicast scan to show infos even if multicast is blocked.
addsystemdetection of multicast 239 failure at slaves, with unicast feedback to master if 224 still works.
chgalarmno longer run alarm in slave zones of groups.
fixuiConfigif config password was set it had to be re-entered often during configuration.
9.08 - 07.02.17
fixinstreamercrash of uiConfig when adding many instreamers.
chguiinstreamer: new default description InStr #n including a part of the serial number for easier setup of many instreamers.
fixuiConfiginstreamer: when adding instreamers the config no longer offers already added instreamers.
fixuiConfiginstreamer: when adding an instreamer it no longer shows "is not connected" for the first seconds.
addC4uiConfig: zone basic setup: display of card name with default stream source.
fixC4airplay: wrong behaviour with bad configured zones. now it is checked if the configured default stream source of a zone matches the activating airplay input.
fixinstreamershow as action was not persistent.
fixpagingSC: very first paging after restart did not play the first second.
chgpagingup to 64 pagings are now possible.
adduiConfigglobal option not to show default source actions in all webtouch visus.
chguiWeboption use small font size only changed the line height. now the font size is reduced by 1/3.
fixgroupchanging a group switched all zones off if any airplay was running in any zone. now zones which are not grouped at all, and which will not be included in the group change, are no longer switched off.
addpaginghttp call /xml/paging/start.xml now supports volume and autostoptime which are used temporarily.
fixC4no sound on first source select after restart.
fixC4paging volume too low or nothing audible depending on current zone volume.
fixRP311sym line input did not work.
fixsleepsleep timer did not work around midnight.
addRP311mono sound support.
chgdemoupdate of Windows V9 configuration demo on http:
addRP310mono sound support.
addRP010and RP310 mono sound support.
addRP34xmono support. all stereo outputs can be configured as mono outputs under each zone's sound settings.
chgpagingimproved paging support.
addrtirti processors setup now shows driver version, ip address, no. of configured zones and received call info with latest RTI driver V9.03.
chgrtidriver version changed from 9.2 to 9.03.
addrtilogs/ip scan now shows RTI driver.
9.07 - 19.12.16
fixsystemall trivum devices that started while no DHCP or network was available showed a MAC address 00:00:00:... in ServerAdmin tool or control unit lists, permanently until restart, even if DHCP was available later. this caused touchpads to ignore server side configuration.
fixsystemfixed zone on volume was not applied if fixed line input stop volume was configured and line input was used before.
fixSCsometimes 15 minutes wait time after selecting restart.
fixtuneron all installer line systems with one tuner, but multiple zones using that tuner, switch to a recently used FM Preset did not work if the tuner was used before in a different zone.
chguiConfigimproved loading.
adduiWebnow also showing the web visu code version under settings / about your music system, to check for code caching in the web browser.
chguiWebsmall corrections for better volume display support.
FIXSC044wrong volume. fixed with build 12180.
addknxsupport for group addresses up to 31/7/255.
fixSCif a zone uses a joined streamer of another zone switching off the other zone caused stop of playback.
FIXC4actions created from trivum favorites were unusuable. these are now displayed as "Invalid Command - Please Reselect:" with infos about the original command. All commands marked as such must be redefined after the update, by clicking through the same action selection as before.
fixC4missing warnings if unsupported Installer Line commands were configured, for example as zone sources. Now these are clearly shown as "Invalid command".
FIXSC34xdouble volume since V9.07 update. Now using old volume curve with these devices.
chgknxno longer ignoring input sent from own IP.
addsystemconfigurable start volume for line inputs.
fixsystemsometimes crash on startup in Card::isNotInserted on installer line devices.
addSC34xsupport for output mapping and mono outputs.
9.06 - 28.11.16
addsystemsupport for Australian time zones.
addsystemdetection of limited network without multicast. instead of just "offline" a message "limited network" is now shown for zones which are unable to send multicast, but which are still reachable by ping or web browser.
addSC348support for line input auto sensing.
fixC4A20audioplayers did not start since build 12006. beta channel for C4/SC updated.
fixRPxwith static ip not visible in network after cable disconnect then reconnect, until cold restart.
fixuiWeblighttouch: missing control buttons.
fixtuneinendless display of "connecting ..." with webradios that deliver no data directly after connect. now the correct message "station invalid or offline" is shown.
addSC344support for line input auto sensing. see players / device / analog input.
adduiConfigplayer list: now showing important infos like software version and network setup.
adduiConfigcontrol units: now showing user agent.
fixuiWeblighttouch: many functions did not work.
fixuiWeblighttouch: error "communication partner problem" whenever selecting the streaming source.
addlibraryoption to search in track titles. see System / Basic Setup / Include track titles.
fixuimissing cover art after v8 to v9 upgrade.
fixlibraryselection of album via genre showed only one track if album is a compilation.
addui90 minutes sleep time selection.
fixuisleep before midnight showed a wrong remaining time info in the list "your trivum system".
fixuiWebactive alarm icon: touch on that icon did not jump to alarm settings in many cases.
fixuino longer offering menu point library / playlists / playlist / play all / more ... as this only produced "Has no inormation about favorite".
fixRP311permanent "Accessing wrong zone information" in system traces.
adduiConfigit is now configureable if active zones are listed first in zone list.
fixuiConfigadd instreamer showed no serial number.
fixupdatewrong percentage indicator.
addSC34xsupport for builtin realtime clock.
fixsysteminstaller line memory leak.
9.05 - 27.10.16
addknxgroup address live overview with i/o status.
chgknxrework of group address list, added listing of knx event addresses.
fixknxzone tell volume used wrong datatype.
fixlibrarypossible interruptions with some audio files.
addrtiif not sending on/off events, but 'always send rti' is set, there is now an info in the RTI log and in the system log telling about the reason (no zoneConfig received yet).
fixuiWebbottom of long list of artists (1200) could not be displayed.
addknxexport of used group address list as CSV.
fixknxgroup addresses with main group > 7 could not be selected after import.
chguiConfigimproved list of used knx group addresses. by sfk version binary.
adduinow it is possible to use +/- buttons for volume control in webtouch clients and touchpad 7".
fixuitoggle of alarm by action was not persistent across restarts.
adduiconfigurable actions to toggle alarm and sleep.
addlibrarysupport for simple .m3u files without extm3u meta fields, containing only file paths.
fixuiwrong menu header text in some menus.
fixsc044line input auto sensing.
adduiConfigsoftware update: links to recent changes.
fixsc044fm tuner seek not possible.
fixuimissing visu update on alarm active change by knx.
chguizone selection with zone groups: now all zone groups are permanently visible and can be selected, no matter in which zone the visualization currently is, unless first zone of group is marked as non selectable.
chgalarmmaximum duration is now 12 hours.
fixtunerfm tuner seek not possible with installer line.
fixCL141group play did not work.
chgairplayby default the setting "send zone names repeatedly" is now off, instead of 30 seconds. normally this is option not needed.
fixuiselecting a long trivum playlist with immediate play active produced an empty popup.
fixknxzone alarm 1 on/off didn't work.
addknxsend alarm on/off status.
fixsystemsetting line input "no default" per zone was not possible across restarts.
fixsystemselection of a long trivum playlist did not start streaming if zone was off.
chgknxlist of used knx addresses now uses colors
addrtiset absolute volume of a zone is now available. File trivum-v9.rtidriver has now version V9.2
fixrtifixed minor problem in "sendCommand" command
chgsetupfor C4 systems, the name of the source card is now displayed in new action mappings
chgrti"add new RTI processor" now shows a small help how RTI and trivum works together
fixsc044alert "no hardware communication", appearing randomly after 1-3 days of uptime.
fixuiWebblank screen with iOS 9.3.5.
fixknxknx display: wrong artist/album/track text with Airplay.
fixsc044slave mode did not work.
chguiunsupported zone command "use device" now produces a more speaking error message.
fixuiedit group: zones not marked as "selectable in zone select menu" were always listed in edit group.
fixuiedit group: zones which are part of the current group were not shown if unselectable by control unit. now those are always shown to allow ungrouping.
fixairplayinput names only showed "input n" with most systems.
fixknxKNX multicast address can now also be 239.x.x.x and not only 224.x.x.x. Actually if it starts with 224, it should be Otherwise we show a warning to use 239.x.x.x instead of 224.x.x.x.
fixknxKNX router search did not work when the multicast address is different to Internally we now always use for SEARCH_REQUEST because all IP routers listen to for SEARCH_REQEUST. For listening to SEARCH_RESULT we use the configured multicast address.
chgknxWe now show the time of the last SEARCH_RESULT message for each found IP router.
addknxWe now show the last few sent and received KNX telegrams with groupaddress, IP and time
9.04 - 05.08.16
fixknxno longer updating knx displays if knx is disabled.
fixqobuzinterrupted sound due to internal endless reload of configuration.
fixuiConfigtunein preset list: missing visual update on delete.
adduiConfigzones list: show QuickControl to quickly test different sources over all zones.
fixC4ZoneCommand to play default LineIn of zone didn't work.
chguiConfigreduced warnings on lost network packages.
chgC4improved setup of card hosts. ServerAdmin Tool 1.30 now also lists card hosts.
chgrtidefined zone/keypad actions like "show deezer menu" etc. will no longer be shown in the actionlist of a RTI remote control because the RTI remote cannot show this menu. So RTI remote controls will sometimes show not all defined actions.
chgsetupzone no longer has the option in C4 system 'is volume controlled by zone'. This now depends on the RTI settings.
chgrtisupport for new trivum-v9.rtidriver.
fixrticoverart will no be shown again in RTI devices
fixuiConfigremove all unused control units: config was no longer usable until full reload.
addC4optional running of macros on Zone On, Off, Mute. can be configured in zone settings.
fixAudioBox1increased sensivity of fm tuner seek function.
fixC4zone default line input selection.
chgC4simplified AirPlay configuration.
fixuiTouchpermanent reset of playback position bar.
chguiimproved error messages.
fixuino longer offering stream play actions if current zone has no defined default streaming source.
fixC4disable of dhcp option once static ip is selected. C4 systems must be used only with static ip setup as stream source cards need static ip ranges.
fixC4crash on stream source activation if KNX display objects were defined.
addRTIoption to always send On/Off/Mute events no matter if driver uses external or trivum amplifier.
addsystemextended languages available for translation. added function to download message file, to provide translations.
fixuiWebnot possible to change zone on systems migrated from V8. caused by redundant IDs. workaround was to delete all unconfigured web visus.
chgsystemalert 4000 "voltage too low" corrected to "voltage too low or too high".
fixalarmif zone was not off, but muted, it played no sound.
chgupdateminium required free SD card space for updates is now 300 MB instead of 200 MB.
chglibraryminium required free SD card space to store further cover art data is now 350 MB instead of 240 MB.
addSC044software update support.
fixtunernow "add station" and "save current station" are both supported
fixuiConfigadded some 'do you really want to remove ...'
fixRP341airplay input could not be disabled with 5th zone.
fixsetupzone names can no longer be duplicate when zone description/type is selected from predefined zones
chgsystemadded support of new multicast group for m9center,player,touchpad,iphoneapp,tlist
fixsystemdowngrade to V8: missing auto update of Touchpads when running update from ServerAdmin tool.
9.03 - 23.06.16
fixtunerfm presets are now easier to manage - direct add station is now supported
fixqobuzpasswords with special characters like '+' are now supportes
fixdeezerpasswords with special characters like '+' are now supportes
fixtidalpasswords with special characters like '+' are now supportes
fixlibrarytrivum playlists were limited (by a bug) to 59 entries - now they are limited to 250 entries.
fixweb visuscrollbar has now the correct size when opened with lists > 60 entries
fixtuneinwhen menus are empty, e.g. no favorite stations, we now show the tunein message text instead of an empty screen
chgtuneinfavorites can now immediately be deleted by pressing the trashbin button on the tunein favorite
chguiConfigknx paging settings are now part of the knx setup area
chgqobuzqobuz does now use flac lossless instead of mp3 - this is CD quality!
chguiConfigbass,treble,balance is no longer part of zone. The settings applied to all cards in a zone and when used in a c4 system. This makes no sense. Non-C4 systems ignored these settings.
chguiSimpleoldstyle 2x16 menu for zoneplayer with treble/bass/balance removed
chgsystempaging is now supported with streaming of ringtone files. 1st beta support.
fixSC340temporary alert "no status from hardware" every 20 minutes approx., causing temporary KNX status changes.
adduiConfigwhen more than on tuner/streamer/linein is available in a zoneplayer (non-c4) then the zone can define a default streamer/tuner/linein
adduiConfigpaging support activated per default
adduiConfigstreaming services have now a 'show as action' option
adduiConfiginstreamer has now a 'show as action' option
adduiConfigtunein has now a 'show as action' option
fixweb visuandroid orientation change is now supported
addxmlbeta/api/v1/favorite is supported (Jürg Keller)
addknxnow supports refresh interval settings for displays and zone status
addknxnow supports startup refresh on/off option
chgknxknxdisplays now show nore interesting information e.g. when playing tunein
addknxknxdisplays have now a new option when playing streaming: show service name
addinstreamerhelp text on what to do if update fails. InStreamer update may not work while IGMP is activated at the network switch, so a temporary IGMP disable may be necessary.
adduiConfigautomatic creation of snapshot "build-11563", to be used on downgrade to v9.02 build 11563 or lower.
chgsystemsupport for SC044 added combined with support for "output mapped" zoneplayers.
9.02 - 20.06.16
fixRTIweb config automation/RTI did not show zone ID's.
fixweb visuimproved short press handling with some browsers.
fixinstreamerFirmware 1.07 fixes distortion with Digital/Optical Line Input.
fixinstreamerinput level adjust did not reduce distortion.
fixdeezeroption "do play immediate" played wrong track.
fixuiConfigplay instreamer via source action did not work.
fixsystemsome RPx devices: unexpected restarts.
chginstreamerreduced default latency.
fixprolinec4a20 no streaming audio after update to current version.
fixuiConfigoption "zone is available in zone select menu" was ignored with RP34x and other hardware.
adduiConfigoption "zone is available in zone select menu" is now also available with C4.
fixairplayc4 no activation of zone on 2nd stream source card, since build 10755 of 18.02.16.
fixairplayc4 streamsource: no sound, or replay of previous selected nas track, on airplay activation.
optuiConfigslow loading of web configuration.
fixaudiolong breaks between audio service tracks, esp. with deezer.
fixlibrary.m3u playlists were not usable with some software versions.
fixlibraryselect of long playlist names not possible.
fixuiConfigshow used knx addresses: wrong warning about alarm knx address being used twice.
fixweb visutunein search containing blank chars did not work.
fixweb visutyping of longer searches impossible due to fast reloads.
fixgroupzones of offline players could be switched on.
fixgroupunexpected pause one volume change if a slave player is offline.
fixuiConfigFirefox crash in config if showing special chars.
addupdateoption to include touchpads in update.
adduiConfigimproved nas scan status.
fixweb visusimple web visu keys were not at all usable. now self defined actions can be used.
fixweb visuInternet Explorer 8 is now supported. But only webvisu, not the configuration part.
fixinstreamerrapid firmware update of multiple devices in a row broke. now a minimum wait time between updates is enforced.
fixknxknx displays did not show tunein meta data.
fixknxknx displays "content when streaming" selection showed wrong variable titles.
fixuiConfigmissing support to activate DHCP by ServerAdmin tool.
fixxmlgetChanges reply data contained status "Aus" instead of "Off" with german langauage.
fixuiConfigaqt/nqt could not use different actions.
addaudionew default dsp audio presets (stealth lr).
fixaudiounexpected stop of play, esp. on web radio.
fixaudiofailed to play track on change to other source and then back to streaming.
9.01 - 01.03.16
fixweb visuwrong result records in long lists.
fixAudioBox1preset button to play tunein via trivum favourite did not work.
addalarmoption to play alarm endless.
chgaudioreduced audio dropouts on nas scan.
fixaudiopause on then off caused playback failure with services or web radio.
fixaudiostop play still played 2-3 seconds of audio.
fixuiwrong track order on display and play.
chgsystemall V9 server products now send a new kind of info message (V8Hello) to identify them. may require latest version of ServerAdmin tool to get all components listed.
adduiConfigserial number info.

For .csv file download click here.