Change Notes

version type module change
9.70 build 15828 - 21.09.21
fixAPI/xml/zone/setVolume.xml?id=@value did not work.
fixweb visuin case of a reload, the visu keeps its current mode: music or automation.
fixaktor4adjust volume option could not be changed.
fixAudioBox1permanent software restart on Control4 activation.
fixsystemunexpected webconfig alert when changing a master into a slave device.
fixweb visufixed a problem, that sometimes actionbuttons disappeared in new UI mode, especially when the musiccenter restarted.
fixactionCustom URL actions now show the name of the custom url instead of "Custom URL nn"
fixweb visuvolume slider is now more responsive
fixweb visuwhen used with iPhone, the UI now adds space at the bottom of the page, because iPhones use a multitask bar at the bottom of the screen to close the app (safari). Now the volume slider is no longer in this area
fixknxthe timer for dimmers now show the correct dimming value
fixuser interfaceoption to play immediate did not work with some track types in a playlist.
fixweb configchanging knx routers produced error popup.
chgsystemsoftware version changed to V9.70 to better reflect the full UI rework.
fixspotify connectunexpected stop of play when grouping on devices with shared streamer, like RP311 or ABox1 in 2-zone configuration.
fixweb configKNX interface IP could not be changed, interface selection from list did not work.
chgweb visufull rework of web user interface (V4).
addweb visunew web user interface V5 which can be activated by option.
9.66 - 09.08.21
addSC devicessupport for SC344V2 hardware version 4 (HW 4, FW 1.06). SC devices delivered from August 2021 require this software, at least V9.66 build 15735.
9.65 - 26.07.21
fixtuneinsome web radios could not be played.
fixtuneinpresets could not be loaded in some cases. if current web radio is no preset it now jumps to the first tunein favorite by skip. added info if no tunein favorites are found.
addweb configauto restart extra option to restart even if zones are active and playing.
addweb configinfo in zonelist about background music sender zone.
fixsystemimproved network handling.
fixwebradioimproved redirect handling on m3u links.
addwebradiooption in tunein menu to list AAC radios.
addSC devicessupport for SC340 hardware version 4 (HW 4, FW 1.03). SC340 devices delivered from July 2021 require this software, at least v9.65 build 15704.
addweb configit is now possible to import just KNX objects from another musiccenter or touchpad configuration, under system / backup and restore.
chgwebradioimproved artist/title name detection.
addaudio servicessupport for SoundMachine, the audio service for businesses. find details on
addtidalplayback position display.
fixaudioreplay of recent source took to long when switching a zone on.
fixknxrgbw control detail view did not work in home control.
9.64 - 09.06.21
chgsystemevent log warning "system overload" was shown without reason.
addknxknx displays: when selecting "current streaming service/source" it now shows the webradio station name.
fixwebradiofailure to play with some favorites.
addAudioBox2 (P150)lineout mono support.
fixknxKNX Secure IP routing failed to send.
addsystemeventlog entries on multicast failures with slave devices.
chgknximplementation change of multibit object, needs to be reconfigured after update.
chgweb configlist of control units: improved display of clientid parameter.
addRP311info in setup how to add a second zone. independent lineout mode now shows in setup as "separate zone".
fixuser interfacewebtouch reload via menu sometimes caused frozen ui.
fixaudio servicesplayed only first 50 tracks of long playlists.
fixSC deviceswhen changing output mappings sound may have played endless until quick restart.
fixweb configif a zone has only line outputs but no speaker outputs it showed a wrong error message.
fixweb configno longer showing option "show tuner as source" if "don't show default sources" is enabled.
chgweb visuimproved reload of webtouch app after software update independent of browser cache.
chgweb visuimproved reload of webtouch app on reload function.
adduser interfaceoption to play whole playlists when selecting a track in it.
adduser interfaceoption to repeat play of current track.
fixweb visuhomecontrol dimmer toggle and popup did not work.
fixweb visusometimes endless play failure, until another action is selected, when using the trivum app with iOS or Android.
fixC4streaming play failure with some A20 systems until reboot (quick restart not sufficient).
fixlibraryscan of slow nas devices stopped already when reading the list of filenames.
addweb configtemperature infos.
addAudioBox2 (P150)line input hardware amplification.
fixtuneinmenus like local radio sometimes not usable, play of web radios blocked with some networks.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)dsp setting 'flat' was not audible until restart.
fixSC devicesline input hardware amplification improved.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)playback of 32 khz music failed in hires mode.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)when switching back from hires play to normal, playback of music failed until restart.
fixlibrarycould not play playlists with "&" in their name.
fixaudioline input start volume was not applied.
fixaudiosometimes unexpected restart on play of audioservice with xml status query.
addSC devicesline input hardware amplification up to 12 dB. can be used in combination with the old volume adjust setting.
addrpline input now also offers zone volume adjust.
fixrp341sound settings offered low pass filter which is not supported. users may create a dsp preset instead.
9.63 - 19.02.21
fixsystemwrong warnings about lost audio packages when using background music.
fixSC devicesline input auto sensing: activation volume and sensing timeout settings were ignored. if your settings are different than default, be aware that sensing behaviour may change after update.
addc4outputconnect and powerampconnect cards: selectable icon.
fixc4outputconnect and powerampconnect cards: user editable description was not stored. card info text was not shown on touchpad.
fixuser interfacewrong icon for local input.
fixspotify connectzone(s) did not play with some configurations.
fixSC devicessingle noise when switching off a zone with active DSP setting.
addgroupoptional display of zone group names.
fixC4no tuner icon with touchpad.
fixdspnew dsp presets could not be created.
addweb configbesides an admin it is now possible to define a user password for partial access to the web configuration.
fixspotify connectsingle zone RP devices showed SpotifyConnect option per zone only on slave devices.
addweb configTouchpad changelog link under online documents.
fixuser interfacemissing error messages on webtouch and touchpad.
chgHomeControlrework of webcam object. by default it supports jpeg images which are reloaded every n seconds (refresh interval). if this interval is set to 0 it tries to display any content in a frame.
addweb configbetter line output description.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)no sound in slave zone on group play.
fixaudio servicessometimes play of service favorites in wrong zone.
fixvolumeline input auto sensing zone start volume was not applied.
fixrtiincreased timeouts for connections.
chgsetupadded new icons for preset 1..4 actions of shutter and rgb automation objects.
fixsystemthe system showed wrong information about missing confirmation messages in the system warnings. This fix removes these wrong records in the warnings.
addknxit is now possible to activate/stop a zoneGroup using one KNX group address. If the option JustUseGAListenStart is active, then send a '1' to start and '0' to stop the zone group instead of using 2 different GA for start and stop.
addknxactions are now available to run/save preset 1..4 from any defined shutter or rgb object
chgsetupKNXEventObject editor rework. It is now more consistent and has <,<=,==,>=,>,!=,partof compare operators.
addsystembackground/lounge music has a new option, which disables the sender zone to be switched off in case of "poweroff all zone" commands.
fixsetupremoved some advanced settings which were shown in slave mode.
addsetupadded initial control4 documentation file
addsystemsource mixes now have the option to show the volume sliders in the option menu in the visu.
addsystemsource mixes now have the option to activate the other mixes which are available in the options menu in the visu.
addsystemsource mixes now support their own custom icon.
addsystemMQTT and NodeRed feature is enabled by default
addsystemsupport for source mixes. Use up to 4 line inputs and create a mix as a new input. If you e.g. want to have multiple levels/mixes of different microphones in a converence room - then you can use this.
fixuser interfacedisplay of fm tuner scale with white skin.
addknxvalue display can now show unsigned float values, like wind speed.
fixknxplay of index playlists did not work.
fixknxoverview of index playlists told wrong value for play.
fixtunerwhen combining sc and audiobox it now correctly skips over dab presets depending on the zone where the tuner is used.
fixsystemduring system start, the DAB tuners will no longer do a DAB scan. The musiccenter just asks for the already scanned DAB stations which are stored in the eeproms of the tuner hardware. This makes system start faster and keeps the stations the same during multiple system restarts.
fixweb visufixed a refresh problem, which sometimes occured when the parent menu is shown using the back button. Depending on the data, it sometimes showed not all the records.
chgsystemdepending on the client, the getChanges.xml request does now send the current playing queue as part of the result
chgsystemthe zone/getAll.xml does now also return the groupMaster for each zone
chgknxnow up to 256 objects can be defined with SC, RP devices and A13/A14 based touchpads. List of automation objects now shows how many objects are used.
fixknxinterface mode: sending of group addresses with main group > 15 did not work.
addweb configoption to hide sound settings in ui clients.
addwebradionew info "no reply from" if radio server does not reply with any data.
chgaudio servicesnow showing configured display names if "show as action" is set.
addwebradiodirect display of html reply text in case of access restrictions, e.g. by geoblocking or firewalls.
fixtidalsometimes play failure until restart.
9.62 - 26.11.20
fixX3setup showed "please check" although no warnings were present.
chgweb configconfig import from a different system now always enables DHCP.
addknxRGBW support with HomeControl UI.
fixweb visuincomplete display of sidebar actions after update to the latest chrome browser.
chgknxscenes now allow to enter the knx standard scene number, which is translated to the scene index (value-1).
fixknxhomecontrol shutter did not display position.
addweb configimproved transfer of configuration between master/slave systems of same hardware, via export/import configuration.
addweb configwhen setting a password it now needs to be typed again, for confirmation.
fixknxlogging could not be activated.
fixuser interfacenot all results in some lists were shown, e.g. albums of artist, albums of genre.
fixuser interfacenot all tracks of long playlists were shown.
adduser interfacejapanese language support.
fixnasselection and play of playlists produced error "no result tracks".
addweb config'hide system setup in webapp clients' is now directly available under 'web configuration site protection".
addknxdetection of equal GAs in setup.
chgsystemimproved web radio access with instable networks.
chgsysteminternal rework to support future hardware. MusicCenter 9.62 requires Touchpad 3.01 or higher. MusicCenter 9.61 requires Touchpad 3.00 or lower. A downgrade from 9.62 to 9.61 may require to step back to a configuraton snapshot "build-15195" which is created automatically during update.
fixtidalunexpected access failure by elapsed token.
addknxscene support with home control.
9.61 - 28.10.20
chgtidalan up-to-date account configuration is now required. look into setup for details.
addknxvalue display: configurable postfix text.
addknxdirect zone source selection by 1-byte GA.
fixnasscan did sometimes not find playlist entries of redundant music files.
fixknxdimmer: produced error in HomeControl UI if no 8-bit brightness GA was configured
fixC4selection of InputConnect card via Aux Inputs menu failed.
fixweb configit was not possible to add slave devices if these contained an (inactive) configuration with further registered slave devices.
chgweb visureactivation of fm tuner frequency scale with all devices except abox P150.
fixsystemsometimes possible audio dropouts.
chgweb visuhomecontrol fancoil: no longer shows the fan speed fields if their GAs are not configured.
fixtidaldid not play when using new configuration.
addtidaloption to use lossless playback quality.
fixsystempossible freeze of device after long use.
fixtidalunable to add account with new method.
addtidaldisplay of playlist cover art.
fixspotify connectRP341 unexpected volume change on track change, if other zones were listening too.
fixSC devicessetup output mapping: L/R descriptions were swapped.
fixrtiRTI driver fix with massive load because of 2 requests for one connection at one time.
9.60 - 23.09.2020
fixlineimproved volume restore after line input auto sensing with groups.
fixknxga and value for homecontrol scenes can now be configured.
chginstreamerdefault buffering increased to 500 msec.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth pairing with android 9/10.
fixc4invalid zone on/off actions were not shown in setup.
adduser interfaceuser selectable blueooth adapter icon.
addtidalnotice in case of old account configurations that they need to be updated.
fixc4paging sometimes did not stop for several minutes, keeping the paging volume.
fixpagingsometimes unexpected restart after paging.
fixc4fm tuner display.
chgaudioimproved playback volume of instreamer, airplay, spotcon, bluetooth.
fixsetupsize of help icon is now correct in variable element
fixuser interfacenow it is possible to use "play next" in play options when play queue is empty.
fixsetupfixed a small indent problem in menues
chgsetupremoved DSP presets of old stealth speakers.
addactionsadded commands to reset important zone settings to defaults (like alarm. E.g. for hotel/guest rooms)
addactionsadded start and stop Bluetooth binding actions
addactionsadded action to forget all trusted bluetooth devices for a trivum device (e.g. Audiobox P150)
addactionadded action to forget all bluetooth devices of all trivum devices
addactionPreviousSource (ZONECMD_USE_PREV_SOURCE). Just like NextSource
fixuiTouchKNX scene in webcontrol does now also save KNX scene (send id+128) when button pressed very long
fixuiTouchMacros with KNX steps will no longer show error "missing zone information" in web control musiccenter action
fixsetupTAB key now again jumps from entryfield to entryfield
fixuser interfacein Bluetooth pairing screen (available through "..." menu), the elapsed time information is now auto updated.
chgsystempower on volume limit can now be larger than 75 percent.
chgtidalsupport for new authentication api.
chguser interfacefull rework of icons and touchpad user interface. MusicCenter V9.60 should be used with Touchpad V3.00.
addknxsecure knx support.
9.55 - 11.08.2020
chgweb configbetter check for invalid netmasks and ip addresses.
chgweb configimproved display of component details in the ip scan list.
fixaudiostop of sound every 3 seconds if any slave device sends an invalid zero IP.
addknxinterface support (Beta), as an alternative to IP routing. It is still recommended to use IP routing, especially if many different KNX control devices like Touchpads are used.
9.54 - 28.07.2020
addknxzone GA to step volume up/down in steps of 2 or 5 percent
addknxzone GA to step only zone volume independently from current grouping
chgtidalplayer image resolution increased with new search results (stored favorites stay as they are).
fixSC344fm tuner seek did not start sometimes.
fixRP341fm tuner seek did not start sometimes.
fixRP311fm tuner seek did not start sometimes.
chglibraryimproved NAS scan result output with only 5 errors per playlist, allowing more infos across many playlists.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)fm tuner seek did not work.
chgaudiostop of play if many tracks fail to play in one sequence.
fixaudiosystem tried internal replay of tracks after error even if no zone was listening.
fixaudiono sound with background music on RP devices.
fixaudiochange from background music to other selected music failed on sc/abox2, requiring zone off/on.
9.53 - 29.06.2020
chglibraryimproved NAS scan result output with detailed playlist infos.
fixlibraryNAS scan did not scan itunes db files if user/pw was set on path.
fixlibraryNAS scan failed on large itunes library files.
fixsystemrework of network informations in message for ip finder tools.
addweb configfurther translations.
fixsystemno update possible in some cases.
fixaudio servicesplaying a service playlist via a trivum favorite ignored random play settings.
fixweb configcrash when trying to open menu "Music on NAS".
fixtuneindiverse web radio stations like SRF3 did not play, due to changes at the radio servers.
fixuser interfaceHomeControl popup titles contained _20
fixuser interfaceunexpected restart when trying to select music from nas or services. if this occurs update to build 14881 or higher.
fixdeezerflow not playable with private profiles.
chgaudio servicessize limit for large replies, like lists of favorites, increased to 1 mb.
fixuser interfacedefault descriptions of newly created actions like play favorite were not detailed.
fixweb configunexpected restart when selecting something in the user interface.
chgtunermax. number of stations shown in WebApp increased to 100.
chgknxit is now also possible to set an object refresh interval of 5 or 10 minutes.
chgtunermax. length of manually entered radio station names extended to 32 ascii or 16 utf chars.
9.52 - 04.05.2020
fixpagingaudio files could not be deleted.
fixC4define actions: local source not selectable.
adduser interfacethe trivum Android App is now available in the Google Play Store.
adduser interfaceoption to disable the whole main menu and zone menu, globally or per control unit, to limit WebApps and Touchpads to use only predefined actions.
fixweb visuFM tuner display of non latin station names.
fixweb visuHomeControl objects displayed non latin characters incorrectly.
chgtuneindefault max. number of reply records for non trivum visual clients changed from 25 to 50. added advanced option "tunemaxreply=n" to further extend this limit if needed.
fixdspfrequency 20 Hz was not selectable. Q factor of 0.10 was not selectable. invalid frequency values are no longer applied.
adduser interfacedsp preset selection. info for which zone the sound settings are applied. notice in case of group play that only one zone is modified.
fixknxknx display name of streaming or tuner source.
chgweb configfull rework of NAS library scanner with better display of scan status.
fixweb configwrong beta or developer channel infos.
fixrp341no sound with stream play after using SpotifyConnect in it's control zone.
chgsystemNAS scan does now show more information in case of scan problems.
9.51 - 21.02.20
fixschedulervolume actions for individual zones (ignoring group play) were not applied.
chgaudio servicesconfigured display names are now always used, not just with multiple accounts on the same service.
fixaudio servicesconfigured display names not shown on touchpad.
chguser interfaceIf zone volume is limited using the "max volume" option, then the volume slider in the WebApp now shows the fullrange slider together with the max. volume value at the right side of the slider.
adduser interfaceNew option 'disable "all off" button in zone select menu'
chguiSetupBlue help icon will only be shown if there is a page specific help available
chguiSetupSome minor changes in internal processing of help files/pages
addweb configautorefresh in control unit setup page. The setup page now automatically shows all relevant information changes.
addweb configadded support to adapt the amount of menucontent to the screen size.
fixsimpleControlfixed Javascript bug which prevents /sc simple web control from starting.
chgweb configMoved zone paging volume setup to paging setup.
chgweb configControlUnit list is now more useful because of more information and new icons.
chgweb configAction selection menu is now more convenient and has more help text.
addweb visuadded skin=white option for WebApp. This supports white UI and is perfect if you use the trivum WebApp together with Gira G1, Gira X1.
addweb configsupport added for rows=nn parameter, e.g.
addweb configsupport added for darkmode. Use skin=black like
addSC devicesnew support for spatial audio. This is an effect which widens the stereo listening experience. The level and a filter frequency (LPF) can be adjusted in the web setup. The effect is available for FLEX line.
addSC devicesnew setting to swap Left and Right outputs of a stereo zone.
addSC devicesnew setting to change the phase (+/-) of an output.
addSC devicesusing the spatial effect, L/R swap and 4 speakers in a zone (2 stereo outputs of a SCxxx) , it is possible to have a pseudo quadrophony effect.
9.50 - 31.01.20
fixweb visusecond alarm not configurable.
fixweb configfrontpanel LED settings could not be changed for a slave Audiobox 1 or slave AudioBox P150.
chgknxknx trace option is now easier to find, tracing output is better readable.
addschedulervolumes can now be defined with events.
addweb visu'About your Soundsystem' now shows a warning if the WebTouch code is outdated after an update and requires a reload or clear of the browser cache.
fixweb visublank screen on 'Listen' function.
fixalarmafter enabling and then disabling "once" it was no longer possible to use generic weekdays alarm Mo-Fr, without checking individual days.
addweb configsection to list and upload ringtones.
chgringtonesmaximum upload file size is now 5 mb. this allows to use selected mp3 music files as an alarm ringtone on systems with sufficient sd card space.
fixalarmtest of alarm produced error message "No Partner found for this session".
fixalarmtest of alarm did not use volume setting.
fixweb visulowest line in popups not reachable.
chgweb visuno longer telling "listening to same source" in case of group play.
fixweb configcould not set audio service password.
fixweb configmenus not closed on restart.
addaudio servicesconfigurable display names.
addsystemdetection of incomplete update, and option to reflash the firmware.
fixuser interfacedisplay of wrong group name in zone list.
fixaudio serviceswrong display of some context menu infos.
addknxclimate control: option to not send comfort temperature on mode switching.
chgknxclimate control: no longer displaying setpoint temperature text if not configured.
fixuser interfaceno longer offering "play next" with active random playback.
fixweb configredundant trace menus.
chguser interfacefull rework of user interface code.
addweb visuAutomationControl is now reachable directly in the web visu.
fixuser interfacetouch did not work on iPad with standalone browser (outside app).
adduser interfaceimproved touch support with some touch panel PCs.
addweb visuoption to list zone groups compressed in one line.
9.49 - 05.12.19
chgrtinow always sending commands to rti even if no messages are received from driver temporarily. (at least one message since system startup is still required)
fixknxzone on by knx did not replay recent content sometimes.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)static ip setup did not fully work.
addSC devicesextended reset key handling. press reset for 5 seconds (continuous light) for soft restart. press reset for 15 seconds (faster blink) to reset network interface to DHCP. press reset for 25 seconds (fastest blink) to reset software to factory default.
chgSC devicesupdate to V9.49 will take one extra minute, as the current music center software is stored internally as the factory default.
9.48 - 19.11.19
chguser interfacedo not allow background music with grouping as this may cause playback failure.
addaudiobackground music support.
fixntppermanent ntp failure after system restart if internet is not available.
chguser interfacedisplay of listen and transfer option can now be disabled on sc, abox2, c4.
fixaudio servicessearch and then play failed in some cases.
fixaudiono sound except on volume changes in a master/slave system if one of the slave devices is offline.
fixweb configthe new feature icon is now just displayed for feature < 90 days
addaudio serviceseasy adding of service playlists into favorites by list context menu.
addaudio servicesdisplay of originating playlist name on playback.
addaudio servicesplaylist favorites from services like deezer, tidal, qobuz are now live updated on play by zone action or knx event.
chgweb configoption 'show listen and transfer' is now always on with SC, ABox2, C4.
addlibraryplay any function.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)click noise on left channel if bass enhance is not used. (fw 1.17).
adduser interfacetranslations.
9.47 - 30.09.19
addlanguageeasier disabling of self uploaded translation file.
fixwebradiodid not play some https based stations.
fixweb configentering URLs with "&" characters can now be done without workarounds.
fixtuneinand customURLs: unable to play streams which use html based redirects, and which limited track play by content length.
adduser interfacecustomURLs: actions can now be defined to play them.
adduser interfacerecent played list is now updated in more cases, like skip in a playlist.
adduser interfacewhen playing a tunein favorite, and further favorites exist, skip is now offered.
addspotify connectoption to switch off zone on pause.
addknxwebcontrol webcam image size option.
addapiv1 calls extended by .xml, like /api/v1/trivum/favorite.xml. old form is further supported.
addapiget list of trivum playlists, play a playlist.
fixdeezermissing artist info in track search results.
fixtidalmissing artist info in track search results.
adduser interfaceplaylist display order can now be changed.
chgqobuzsearch now lists track results first.
adduser interfaceimproved add track to playlist with playlist selection.
fixC4during startup it was possible to select streaming without any sound. now there is an alert "Starting, please wait".
fixuser interfacerename of playlist was sometimes blocked.
addC4event log now tells which card is used, and when stream sources have an important status change.
addweb configaction definition now allows to search in artists, albums etc.
adduser interfacechange track order in playlists.
adduser interfacefunction to play all favorite tracks as one list, without albums or web radios.
adduser interfaceif a password is configured there now is an option to disable restart from non admin user interfaces.
fixaudio servicesplay of audio services sometimes failed permanently until restart.
adduser interfaceimproved playlist handling. users of a trivum Touchpad need to update to V2.66 for all functions.
adduser interfaceedit playlist: function to delete tracks from a playlist.
fixuser interfacemusic search: sometimes unreadable result lines.
fixuser interfaceplaylists: editing showed wrong character encoding.
fixuser interfaceplaylists: add was not possible.
adduser interfacecontext sensitive function "add track to playlist", if a playlist was used before.
fixuser interfaceplaylist rename was not possible.
adduser interfacethe play queue can now be added directly to a trivum playlist.
9.46 - 22.08.19
chgAudioBox2 (P150)reworked linein auto sense thresholds.
fixC4web config did not offer to add zones if no zones existed so far.
fixweb configmissing warnings section under about/info in slave mode.
addgiraadvanced option "fixgrayie" to avoid gray screen in gira quad client.
adddocknx documentation now explains the Gira QuadClient IE modes, and how to fix them.
delc4useless option to change to slave mode.
fixrtinew driver V9.26 is now available. Absolute volume and mute status is now supported in zone variables
adduser interfacesome menues do not autorefresh their content e.g. Zone select menu
fixuser interfaceminor gui changes/fixes
fixuser interfacezone select menu gui update. It is now easier to read.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth driver updated to v1.07. Support for player change on connected bluetooth devices
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth error handling improved
fixAudioBox2 (P150)quick restart may have caused subsequent play failure.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)front keys < > did not skip.
9.45 - 08.07.19
chgAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth connection state handling.
fixweb configeventlog, httplog no longer reduces ip's from other networks.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth fixes
addweb configautomatic detection of redundant output mappings with sc and abox2.
chgweb configwide display option now at right top.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)wlan setup by web visu.
chgAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth pairing auto stop after 5 minutes. better led display of pairing.
chgweb configrework of slave web config.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth was not possible with slave devices.
addAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth level adjust option.
adduser interfacerecent played list.
docweb configmore translations.
9.44 - 17.06.19
fixspotify connectwith rp341: unexpected volume change on track change.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)dab scan never showed a list. (FW 1.12)
addweb configcontrol unit options to show actions in the touchpad menu etc. now accessible by web config.
chgdocDivus Kibro App is no longer usable since Android 9, now recommending the Fully Kiosk App.
fixspotify connectdid not play on C4.
fixspotify connectwith sc, abox2: unexpected volume change on track change. volume was not sent from trivum to client device.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)bass, treble sometimes not applied after a software update, until manual change.
fixscheduledate month info.
addweb configoption for full width web configuration.
fixSC devicesafter v8 to v9 update the output mappings were missing.
addweb configRP341 infos about On/Off line.
fixweb visuunable to change zone, with some browsers like Firefox 52 32bit.
addAudioBox2 (P150)option to show bluetooth as action, context menu with pairing options.
addSC devicesairplay and spotcon option to disable volume control when using zone control.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)no sound with instreamer when used subsequently in different zones.
chgAudioBox2 (P150)correction of led brightness.
addalarmfunction to test alarm.
addalarmcan now play ringtones.
addAudioBox2 (P150)wlan quality information, display of connection ip.
addAudioBox2 (P150)bluetooth function to forget all bound devices.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)click noise while streaming.
addairplayplay action under music services.
addspotify connectplay action under music services.
chgweb visuinstant notice when trying to use the web visualization with IE7.
fixqobuzcrash when calling context menu with some accounts.
addspotify connectfunction to remove user data cache. this is now also done automatically on reset to factory defaults.
fixaudiobalance/bass/treble was not always applied with master/slave combinations.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)dab radio: next/previous station.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)no audible change on bass/treble correction until volume change. (FW 1.07)
optsystembetter performance when changing settings repeatedly, like bass or treble.
fixAudioBox2 (P150)temporary loud volume when changing balance setting. (FW 1.06)
fixgroupgroup editing not possible with touchpads (missing done field).
fixairplaycontrol zone settings were disabled after update of SC devices.
fixweb visuoption to hide setup in webtouch clients was ignored.
fixweb visusettings / soundsystem setup wrong title.
fixweb visumissing link to web configuration.
fixuser interfacezones marked as not selectable, but used in a zone group, hid the whole zone group.
fixweb visuerror with IE when changing zone.
fixAudioBox1wrong hardware type detection
fixAudioBox1wrong config alert "mixer module not running"
fixtunererror at touchpad on touch into frequency scale.
chgweb configimproved knx descriptions.
fixweb visuzone or group info was not always updated when changing groups.
fixsystemname server checks were done too often.
fixsystemslave devices sometimes invisible in serveradmin tool.
addweb configoption to hide predefined groups in control units.
fixSC devicesmissing airplay/spotcon control zone selection in some cases.
fixSC devicesasynchroneous group play when starting playback via a group slave zone.
fixtuneinlong delays when playing tunein stations via favorite from trivum api.
fixpagingupload of mono sound mp3 files: last halve second was missing.
fixpagingadd a text to speak no longer worked.
fixweb configsome control units were not detected as being configured.
fixdeezernumber of favourites was limited to 25.
fixknxerror 'wrong/missing level1' after importing group addresses starting with a main group 14 or higher.
fixairplayzone names with umlauts taken over from V8 did not appear. to fix those characters re-enter zone names.
fixtunerswitch back from low fm range required cold restart.
fixaudio servicesplaylist access.
fixsystemdelays when changing volume if user interface is not english.
chgweb configIt is now faster to get to the soundsystem (hardware) setup when there is just one soundsystem configured. Instead of showing a list of installed soundsystems, the user gets directly to the single soundsystem setup
chgweb configThere is a new icon "expand your system" where new devices (instreamers, (adapters), controlunits, soundsystems) can be registered.
chgweb configto delete a ControlUnit definition, there is now a remove-icon in the list of ControlUnits. The remove action inside the ControlUnit setup has been removed.
addweb confignew action 'power on/off'. Toggles zone on/off. If the zone if off and no last source is available then the command does nothing.
chgweb configwhen just one soundsystem is used, then no longer show "use unicast audio for group play" in advanced setup
chgweb configif just one zone is defined, no longer show zonelist and zonegroups in main setup menu
chgweb configadded the alarm 1/2 setup in the zone setup together with the advanced times in the new zone timer setup
chgweb configmoved all the logs&reports in the "about" menu to have all relevant information at one place
9.43 - 27.02.19
fixweb configwrong description for KNX GA to play a nas index playlist.
chgschedulernow always shows repeat option.
chgsystemautomatic use of unicast audio by default, with up to 4 devices combined.
fixknxscenes only saved the state of the first participating zone.
chgqobuzswitch to new API (json-based).
addRP341, SCsupport for FM Tuner range 76-95 MHz.
9.42 - 08.02.19
fixweb configwrong description of GA to include/exclude in scene.
addspotify connectoption to limit play to a list of allowed users.
fixlibraryscan failed on some systems due to short timeout settings.
fixSC, C4join was not possible on sources started by non-keypad. added spoken info if join is not possible.
chgSC, C4join timeout is now configurable, default is no timeout.
addweb confignow showing a join failure also in eventlog and warnings list.
fixknxevents were not configurable on some systems.
addknxdisplays: option to keep utf-8 characters instead of replacing them by blanks.
fixknximpossible to reactivate knx globally after deactivation. fixed with build 13794.
fixdeezerflow did not play.
chgweb configimproved event log.
addweb configbesides the zone and keypad actionlists, there is a new global actionlist, editable under control units. All actions defined in this list will be shown in all TouchPads and WebTouch interfaces.
addweb configfor FLEXLINE devices (SC3xxx) there is a new option 'show listen and transfer in zoneselect'. This comes together with the 'join' feature to listen to the source which has been started in another zone just a little time ago. Add a join action to the zone, and a JOIN will be automatically appear in the action list of the zones which are able to join. These are only zones which share the same FLEXLine device.
addweb configfor C4Systems there is a new option 'show "listen" and "transfer" in zoneselect'.
addweb configit is now also possible to create a action which starts music on a specific player - not only the default player.
addweb configit is now also possible to create a action which starts music on a specific fm tuner - not only the default tuner.
9.41 - 19.12.18
chgsystemjoin play is now possible for five minutes instead of one minute.
chgeventlogsize doubled.
addeventlogdisplay of airplay and spotcon play activation and pause while zone is permanently on.
fixweb configzone quick control was not available.
addweb configlist of control units: show user agent if (unsupported) IE 7 is detected.
fixdeezerflow did not play.
fixspotify connectoption was not shown for zones of single stream slave devices.
addknxtemperature and climate status can now optionally use the globally defined refresh interval.
fixC4noise with 24 bit 192 khz flac play.
addSC/RPsupport for lower samplerates.
9.40 - 16.11.18
chgSC devicessound settings: adjust volume is now possible down to 10 percent. (FW 1.27)
fixSC devicessometimes unwanted change of zone mappings if the system differs from default mappings. redundant outputs were added to some zones, causing playback stop after a second. fixed with build 13696.
fixspotify connectwith rp341, abox: default if no zone control was selected is to play the first zone of the device. now there is an extra option to fully disable zone control, requiring to define an action to switch to SpotifyConnect.
fixrp311playback of audio with unusual sample rates did not work, like tunein announcements of unplayable radio
chgtuneinimproved access on repeated connects with the same station, reducing 403 errors
docweb confignow showing a notice that Airplay passwords are not supported with iOS12 devices, as these no longer display a password popup.

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